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Cousin Pam To Make A Sitcom

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I got some fairly interesting news today from my sister. Seems that the popularity of Team America has helped my cousin Pam. Like I mentioned before, she was a long time friend of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, working on South Park - and did some incidential writing on other semi famous sitcoms and "Mr. Wong" on Icebox.com - now she and another writer got the green light to write their own sitcom.

I got this story from Zap2It.com, which detalls a "The comedy looks at a young man who becomes the first of his friends to get a job out of college and has to deal with his desire to hold down work, but also to slack with his buddies."

I think maybe Pam needs to come visit her cousin for a few days and she can easily find about 10 years worth of material.

A few things that I would help Pam with "fleshing her character out":

Out Of My Gourd...

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For some fun last night, my bestest roommate in the world (if I didn't say this she described some "consequences" that may happen), Kristen and I decided that it would be fun to carve some pumpkins. 1004hob 063.jpg

Pumpking carving. On a Thursday.

Yes, folks, its come to this.

What would normally be a night of getting plastered at the "Midtown Triangle" (the three main bars that I hit - Farside, Moran's or Dipper's), turned into a night of domestic tranquility.

While carving our creations, I wondered about the history of jack-o-lanterns. Well thanks to Pumpkin Carving 101, I am fully educated!

For you Irish out there - did you know that Halloween was created from the Celtic holiday known as "Samhain" (pronounced "sow wan"), which means "Summer's End". It is also translated from the Hoboken term: "Weekafterhunt" which roughly translates "Winter Drunkfest".

Yes, Samhain is the end of the Celtic year which ended promptly at sundown on October 31. The night was not only the end of the year, but as lore has it - the time in which the veil between the realm of the dead and the realm of the living was at its thinnest. It was considered the most magical night of the year, with the spirits of the dead appearing in the lands of the living.1004hob 065.jpg

Because of this, our drunken ancestors decided that it would be a bright idea (no pun intended) to carve turnips and set them around the house to protect them from evil spirits. Call me crazy, but if I set a truckload of turnips around my house in the wilderness to "protect" me from spirits I would have to think they would just kill me out of spite. I get angry just seeing some of the bad decorations that people put up for Christmas around here and want to egg their house like the old days.

Ok, back to the story. So after the zombies and ghosts of the Irish heckled their living relatives about the turnips, it was agreed that maybe turnips weren't the best idea. Plus, they also agreed to stop using lumps of coal and switch to candles after everyone started to burn down their houses.1004hob 066.jpg

It wasn't until European settlers, particularly the Irish (with the surname of Furey, im sure), came to America that they started using pumpkins - since they were indigenous to the western hemisphere. Plus, our ancestors learned from the ridicule of carving turnips and didn't want to hear it from the undead Native Indians who were constantly coming up with new ways to heckle the Europeans. So pumpkins it stayed, and last night I continued the tradition of becoming a lame bachelor and stayed in to carve my pumpkins.

Please send your donations of lithium to my home address.

As for our carvings, Kristin's pumpkin was the "Boo Brothers" and I tried to make the "Bat Cave". I rushed thru my carvings, and was done well before her, only to destroy the upper two "bats" because I wasn't careful enough. Now I have to get some toothpicks to fix that for this weekend. Also after carving one, I woke up this morning really jonesing to carve some more. But carver be warned - scooping out a pumpkin is rough stuff!! Our backs were killing us by the end of all our scooping - so I would only suggest trying to do one a night. I included some links for people who want to get into the spirit of Halloween, or are slowly becoming lame like myself. I plan on fixing this situation by getting very drunk at Dipper's tonight, feel free to join me around 10pm.
1004hob 068.jpg

  • Pumpkin Masters, they make pumpkin kits and stencils for carving.

  • The Yard Hunter, this is what happens when you move from Hoboken into the suburbs - you redirect your drinking money into constructing scary yards.

  • Fontenstein - if you want to be cheap and download fonts rather than buying them, here is a good site to find stencils.

  • Grow your own Pumpkin patch - never too late to plan for next year.

  • Halloween Ghost Stories - learn a few stories here to scare the bejesus out of your children, nieces and nephews this weekend. We all know the ghost of Dipper's bar? If you don't - ask the bartenders about the ghost and the stories...

  • Halloween Web Cam - Not enough trick or treaters stopping by your Hoboken condo? Go online and see what webcams you can find...

  • New York's Village Halloween Parade - Or you can join the fun yourself and hit the Village to see how the other half lives...

  • Willie & Ted

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    I wrote about Willie before...

    But I got to see him last night at Dipper's, while I was there with some friends and Heather the bartender. If there was a contest in town for the hottest bartender in Hoboken - Heather would win the contest in my book. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, she is incredibly sweet - a rare combination especially in this town. Of course, I am not just saying this because she is very generous to me when it comes to tallying my bill at the end of the night.

    Plus, I got to hear the music of Will O'Connor and Ted Dougherty jamming together, along with a new percussionist. They sounded Uh-MAZING together. Could this be the start of something good? I hope so. Will has honed his craft to a new level, and I will hands down argue that he is one of the best guitarist/singers living and working in Hoboken. Pat Fleming used to hold that crown before he ditched all of us and moved to Austin, TX. Just kiddin, Pat, we still love you even though you despise us.oconnor.JPG

    Will and Ted were rolling last night, with some sets that you could just feel the energy and fun they were having together. Sadly, there weren't a lot of people out last night, I am guessing most Yankee fans didn't want to be around town watching Boston fans celebrate.

    I really would love to see Will and Ted play together more often, and even moreso - see if they can get some original music going. Will and I worked on some lyrics a year or so ago, and its something that I should try to sit down with him again.

    How To Choose A Roommate


    I'm 32 and I have roommates. This isn't exactly what I was expecting.

    And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
    And you may find yourself in another part of the world
    And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
    And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful
    And you may ask yourself, "Well...how did I get here?"

    How did I get here? Once Hoboken was a mecca for the youth of the Tri State area - move into town once out of college, get a cheap brownstone to live in and shack up with some post-college roommates.

    I have either been extremely lucky or a good judge of character over these years because I have lived with some great roommates. Kind, considerate and interesting people. To be honest, in many ways I enjoy the social interaction of living with roommates. On the other hand, there are some downsides to roommates, too.

    I'm a transplant from Philly and the only person I knew up here was Brad. Brad did the typical NYC Shuffle, moved to NYC, did the single thing, met a wonderful woman, got married and is now happily living in suburbia. Brad was the childhood friend, someone I grew up with and at the end of our 7 month stint living together we realize one important fact:
    Brad and I should never, ever live together again.

    It was strange, because we were best friends. Best Friends should be able to live togther, right? Wrong.

    Here are a few guide lines for those out there ever thinking about moving into Hoboken and planning on choosing your new roomates:

    Grand Theft Auto: Hoboken

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    A nerd herd gathers outside the Hoboken GameStop.

    I can make fun of them because I am a nerd also. I get excited when a new PC game comes out, and while I am walking home tonight I see my greeks, freaks and dweebs all outside of Gamestop waiting in line for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

    For those of you who don't know Grand Theft Auto (read: 75% of women or people over the age of 40), its simply the most fun a nerd can have without it involving Leonard Nemoy. Its a video game that involves everything a young, growing gamer needs: violence, sex and good music - with your primary objective is to gain power, wealth and status stealing cars, eliminating your enemies and staying alive in 1990 "San Andreas" (A pseudo Compton style city).

    I'll get my hands on this game in the next few weeks, and put a review up. In the meantime I am playing Tribes: Vengeance and Star Wars: Battlefront during my free time. Both are first person shooter (FPS) games, and are so far so good, but nothing super exciting.

    If anyone owns those games and feels like challenging me to a duel or wants to play online - drop me an email. I will be happy to destroy you.

    Eagles vs Browns


    What a wild weekend game!

    Only a few days ago i'm talking about how I quit smoking cigarettes and during that game I turned to Melissa and said, "Its games like this that make me WANT to smoke again."

    We had the largest crowd to date this week, I counted 63 people in the bar at its peak! I keep meeting new people each week, and this is very exciting. The bartenders were nice enough to turn all the TVs on to the Eagles games, so we had the entire bar to ourselves.

    Here are some pictures from yesterday...

    The Sleep Out

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    Often I find myself thinking about my life, and re-living certain events that I may daydream about while on the PATH going to or from work. Some are benign, like the days when my friends and I would camp outside my house on lawnchairs with sleeping bags and we would laugh, talk and eat junk food during warm July summer nights.

    The year was 1983 and my friends and I were all around the ages of 11, while my brother and his friends were 14. We were still living in Richboro at this time, a very typical suburban community 40 minutes outside Northwest Philadelphia. Richboro was one dominated by farmland, and in 1975 my development was created by a very new housing developer, at that time, called Toll Brothers. The name of the development was "Tanyard Farms", which consisted of about 60 cookie cutter single family homes. The development was like a little isolated village, because of its one entrance/exit to the development.

    In 1983 parents wouldn't think twice of having their young children sleeping outside under the stars, without parental supervision. Dear Lord, what were they thinking?

    Looking back, we absolutely were out of control and frankly, I am amazed we didn't get into more trouble. The first rule of childhood vandalism is that you never vandalized your own neighborhood. Like I said, Tanyard Farms was like a little village, so we would go out and terrorize the other local developments, which were within easy walking distance. The second rule is that you vandalize late at night when everyone is asleep. Saturday night at 3am in suburbia the only thing stirring were trees and pre-teenagers wired from sugary junk food like squirrels on crack. Here is a quick list of vandalism and pranks I remember from my Sleep Out days:

    When I first moved up here in 1994, I didn't hate the Yankees. They were wallowing for the early part of the 90's with sub .500 seasons, and then 1996 rolled around and they beat the Rangers (3-1), Orioles (4-1) and Braves (4-2) to win the World Series. I remember cheering for them, heck, it was 1981 since the Yankees were in the World Series previously - only a year after my beloved Philadelphia Phillies won the 1980 World Series.

    So what happened? I guess like any other fan, I enjoyed seeing a a veteran team rise from the ashes of mediocrity and win a title. In 1997 the Indians knocked them aside, and they came roaring back in 1998 to win the World Series again! I cheered that one, but not as loudly. Ok, nice victory - they swept the Padres and got 2 Championships in 3 years.

    Then 1999 and 2000 rolled around. The bet the Braves 4 games to 0! They beat the Mets 4 games to 1! Now, this is getting ridiculous. Hey, I will be first to say that yes the Yankees did a very good job with their farm system, but what does it take to have a good farm system? What does it take to retain players on your team? What does it take to have good scouts, front office and management?


    Can you buy championships? No. But, money is certainly a very key component into making a sustainable and competitive team every year in baseball. The Yankees spent their money wisely on talent and management to build the team that won 4 championships in 5 years.

    Think about that. 4 championships in 5 years.

    Philadelphia has 4 sports teams, which have ALL been in a championship draught for 21 years. Not only that, but we have had a ton of "paper champions" over the last 21 years - only to disappoint us again and again. My last article told about how frustrating it is to be a Philadelphia Fan.

    Here is some advice from a fan who watches their teams perpetually lose since 1983:

    The Elk Jesus. He died for your sins.

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    Ah, the great outdoors. The beautiful country view. The crisp mountain air. The moose hanging from his antlers on a power line?!

    Yep, this is a real shot, from a news story about a poor bull moose who got frisky with a power line. From what they gather, there were engineers in the hills stringing new power lines. The poles are first put up, and the lay the power cables, which are loose and slack. When the cables are strung, they tighten the cables, which rise from the ground and then are taut across the poles. In a bizarre twist of fate, somehow this moose was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got his antlers tangled up in the power lines!

    I'm sure the moose must be up there thinking:

    You ever have one of those days? You know, when you are out in the forest, in full rut, and just hoping to get some action? I had to tangle with frigging power lines (no pun intended)! Great, now what the hell do I do?! Hello, anyone there? Fellas? Ok, joke's over! Ha, ha. Very funny, guys. Let me down, now!

    I decided to post this picture on the message board, and ask for some comments on what the chatters thought was the best caption for the picture.

    Award goes to poster "Nefarious Cube" for the title of this entry. Had me laughing all day at work (Ok, he wasn't an elk, but it was still funny). Think you have a better caption for this picture? Considering that only three people read this page, leave a comment and lets see who can beat that!

    Living in town for the last 10 years the majority of my Eagles games were spent watching them at The Farside with a few regulars - most of whom were either Giant fans or just plain didn't like the Eagles.eagles 017.jpg

    They had my game on, but I never got to listen to the game, unless the Giants and the Jets weren't playing. Even then I had to plead to the bartender to turn the sound on for the Eagles.

    Well, thanks to The Brownstone that is all over.

    I mentioned before the season to a bartender and friend of mine asking what kind of crowd they got for Sunday football. From what I understood it was a small crowd of regulars, about 20 people or so, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on what game was playing. Plus the bar was arranged in such a way that multiple TVs could have the sound on without interfering with each other.

    One thing led to another and I got the helpful guys at Hobokeni to put an notice up on the front page of the site - I went to the Eagles website and put a notice up on their boards - and I got the word going thru my bartending friends in town - and its amazing what happens.

    The last 3 weeks at the Brownstone, we averaged about 40 Eagles fans at the bar. It seems like every week new people are showing up. Here are a few pics from week 6, its great to see a bar full of green jerseys...

    1 year nicotine-free anniversary

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    One year cigarette free.

    I had my last cigarette on October 13th, 2003. hob1004smok.jpgIt was at Newark Airport, on the day that I landed from a Las Vegas trip with some friends. I quit for many reasons, one of those reasons was my father. Another reason was my health - I had a recourring cough, a dry cough, that wouldn't go away. A third reason was that I met a very beautiful girl who didn't like smokers.

    I sought asylum from Marlboro Country after that.

    I remember that for years I was adamant about smoking my cigarettes. I was resentful from my friends and my family would would try and guilt trip me into stop smoking. I wouldn't hear it. I was an addict, but didn't realize that I was an addict.

    I kept telling myself I could quit "anytime I wanted to". Lies. Smoking a cigarette was, to me, like eating sugar. Can you take sugar out of your life? Of course - diabetics have to control their sugars and they do it everyday. But the problem is - that you miss sugar. You miss eating chocolate cake. You miss having baked cookies. You miss everything about sugar.

    The same is with cigarettes. I loved a cigarette with coffee. I loved a cigarette after a big meal. I loved drinking and smoking cigarettes. I loved watching my Eagles and smoking at the bar. I loved a smoke after sex - ok, who am I kidding? Well for the few times that happened it sure was nice!

    The thought of not having cigarettes in my life made me think that a certain 'joy' in my life would be gone, and since I was a selfish addict - I wasn't ready to take that out of my life. I would always think "I'll do it next week..." or "[Enter Holiday Name Here] is coming up, and I gotta smoke during that holiday!"

    Team America: World Police

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    I saw Team America: World Police last night with my friend Melissa. We wanted to go to a restaurant in Hoboken with some friends and review it for Hobokeni, but that will have to wait.

    Team America is extremely funny, and well worth going to see in the theater. It is humorous on many levels, first its just plain silly. The puppets jerky movements are very much exaggerated in certain scenes, like fight scenes, and you just can't help to laugh when you watch two marionettes trying to give each other a beat down.

    Second, the satire is on target, the filmmakers really are poking fun at the ignorance of everyday poorly educated Americans. Every country in the world is defined by its distance to America. When they show Central America, for example, they describe it 2,536 miles from "Real America". The countries that are created for the movie: France, Egypt, Korea - are purposefully stereotyped. Cairo is made to appear to be something out of an Indiana Jones movie, rather than the modern day city that exists there now. The people of those countries are a cariacature of who they really are.

    I also really enjoyed how this movie blasts the movie industry on so many fronts. They laugh at how "action" movies are made, and put every single generic action movie formula into the movie. When a team member dies, the puppet is holding their fallen comrade in their arms, shouting "Noooooo!" while looking up to the sky, with the camera panning backwards towards the heavens with a birds eye view of the scene. Classic. Just one of many things that will have you chuckling to yourself.


    You have to love how people who are "in the industry" bash the self righteousness of their fellow co-workers, who think of themselves as educated, informed Americans - just because they can regurgitate what they read in the papers or watch what the pundit of the moment declares. They basically are telling every actor in the world to SHUT UP - they aren't forming their own opinions, they are being the parrot of other people's thoughts. Are actors somehow more privy to MORE information than the rest of the world? No. They read the newspaper, watch TV and make judgements just like every other person in America - that is the point. The actors are so self absorbed in their own fame and translate that fame into importance. Sean Penn probably thinks he is Jimmy Carter.

    While watching the movie, I felt like the filmmakers were taking pot shots at everyone - from conservatives to liberals. They were bashing midwest conservative Americans to roasting a-list celebrities from Hollywood. Really, you should go see this movie, I found myself laughing and chuckling during the entire movie - sure there are a few jokes that just aren't funny - but the majority of those will make you laugh.


    I really didn't expect to enjoy this movie as much as I did - I never was a big fan of South Park, and the main reason why I saw this movie was that my cousin was the third writer who made this movie.

    This wasn't very exciting...

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    But its not too often that you see a stop light smashed on Washington Street.

    So I figured I would get a picture of our tax dollars at work...

    1004hob 038.jpg

    1004hob 041.jpg

    Insider's Look at Club H...

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    I was at Club H Fitness (110 Sinatra Drive, 201-656-9989) last night and spoke to Adam, who is in charge of PR. He was nice enough to show me around the new section of Club H, which should be opening up very soon. From what I was told he is waiting on the Port Authority, who owns the property, to 'OK' the new additions and let members use them. Adam expects the new area should be open by this weekend.

    Nice new machines...Only 225 days until Memorial Day Weekend 2005...

    Training room and basketball half court....that is 5,400 hours...

    New Lockers...324,000 minutes to Memorial Day 2005...

    Also there is the new River Spa area which is nearly complete. I got to look around but it was very messy and Adam would let me back later to take pictures of the place...it looks really great.

    Here are some more pictures of the new section...

    Somewhere a guido quietly weeps...

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    Some of you may know that I bartended in town for a little while. It was a small bar, but got a decent crowd of regulars and I had a lot of fun there. To me, it was like having your own personal bar, because a lot of my friends would visit, drink, and we would be able to shoot the shit all night long while getting drunk together. Plus, on top of it, I got paid at the end of the night. Since I was a bartender I got to know other bartenders, bouncers and owners in town, and I usually have my ear to the ground on the rumor mills...

    I was passing by the old "River Street" bar, and noticed like everyone else that they, once again, are renaming and renovating their bar. Also it appears that they are going for the whole "Martini Bar/Lounge" theme that all the other bars in town are copying. Word on the street from Huggy Bear is that they are trying to get rid of their guido image and going more upscale. I snuck inside today and was able to grab some photos before they chased me out. Actually that is another lie - they were nice about it and let me in when I asked if I could take pictures.

    The "Martini Bar Explosion" is obviously the latest trend for bars in Hoboken. Gone are the days when Irish pubs ruled Hoboken - now its all about the bling bling.

    There seems to be five common rules to Martini Bars:

    1. Flat screen TVs.
    2. Lots of wood - hardwood floors, wood panelling, etc.
    3. Dark and lit by candles.
    4. Ottomans and couches.
    5. Prices must increase.

    Anyhow - here are the pics from inside the place, enjoy.

    Its October, or as every crappy radio station says "Rock-tober".

    The novelty of wearing sweaters, jackets and "fuck-me" boots (you know what boots those are ladies - the thigh high ones) is awash in Hoboken.

    I'm busy looking around at possible costumes that I may wear to a party on the 31st and I found the one that would quickly get me beaten up / laughed at the most (picture right).

    I figure that I could get this costume, with a trick or treat bag and walk around to houses in Hoboken like i'm some man-child on October 31. I think a hidden camera would make for "Must See TV". Who the hell was the actor that posed for this? Imagine showing your friends - "Hey look at this new advertising ad I was just in...i'm Raggedy Andy!!"

    The Heart of Rock N Roll...

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    Getting tired of the same old bar routine? Why not spice things up and see Will O'Connor play some music?

    Will and I go way back, I have known him for about 25 years, we served in Vietnam together. I called him "Agent Orange" and he...

    Ok, we didn't serve in Vietnam, we would have been around 8 years old.

    It was Desert Storm! Will was a plucky tank commander and I was his helpful sidekick. We had a plan to steal a bunch of gold bullion from the Iraqis, and then George Clooney came along...and....oh wait that was a movie.

    Sadly, I don't have an exciting story how Will and I met. I am fairly sure we met thru the "Farside Connection"- where you become a regular at the Farside Bar and eventually become friendly with the other regulars. After a while you are planning camping trips, parties and excursions out in the city with your new friends...

    Go see Will play, he is one of the best acoustic guitar players in town and if you do see him make sure you ask to hear some "Dirty Willie" songs. They are very hilarious, especially late at night.

    He plays at:
    Dipper's (616 Washington Street) on Wednesdays.
    Company (86 Garden Street) every other Thursday.
    Moran's (501 Garden Street) on Fridays.

    Check his website for details:

    Here are my favorites that he sings:
    1. Drift Away, by The Doobie Brothers
    2. Uncle John's Band, by The Grateful Dead
    3. Me & Julio, by Simon & Garfunkel
    4. Cherry, Cherryby Neil Diamond (come on, who doesn't love Neil?)
    5. Dear Pe**s, (it rymes with "Venus"), - i'm not sure who wrote that song, but its a "Dirty Willie" song and I didn't want to write the word lest Google suddenly redirect more porn addicts than normal to my site.

    Top 5 Things I Miss About Philadelphia

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    Top 5 Things I Miss About Philadelphia:

    1. Sports. My previous article should have given insight that most guys from Philadelphia love sports. I'm a huge Eagles fan, big Flyers fan, strong Sixers fan and a lukewarm Phillies fan (its hard to love a team that is sub .500 so many years). Plus my teams are constantly getting upset by the hometown teams. The Devils have been kicking the Flyers around for the majority of the last few seasons. iketina.jpg
    The Eagles were once the Giants bitches - I think the Giants at one point of time beat the Eagles 11 meetings in a row or maybe it was 10 of the last 11 games. Sixers (pre Iverson) were the "Tina" to the Knicks "Ike Turner" beatdown ("Eat the cake, Anna May!"). When my teams get beat - its like the Parade of Putdowns for me from my friends and coworkers. They come marching over to my apartment or calling my cell phone. Fun, fun.

    Call your parents after reading this...

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    We all take things for granted.

    I am guilty of it just like the next guy. I take everyting for granted - my friends, my family, my health, my life.

    We, as humans, find our existence as a day-to-day experience. We never really think about "the big picture". In 100 years from now will anyone really know about the trails and tribulations of our petty lives?

    We get upset over the most innane things. We always think there will be another day to do something. We rarely remember those who are important in our lives. My life is full of times when I think to myself: "I wish I had another chance".

    The most recent one was with my father. For the last 4 years he was battling a form of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma called "Mantle Cell Lymphoma". No one is quite sure how the cancer forms, I have heard that pesticides may be to blame for its creation. It only affects about 5,000 people per year (worldwide), and is a very rare form of cancer.

    When he first contracted it, he was a trooper about fighting it. He immediately started chemotherapy at a University hospital in Philadelphia. Sadly, he had a toxic reaction to the chemotherapy, which is very rare, but once again fate has a funny way of dealing the cards.

    The toxic reaction mimicked a certain aspects of a stroke. His speech was severly affected, and for those that knew my father, this was a terrible fate. He was a very charismatic person who would immediately light up a room as he entered. People gravitated to my father, in the last month I have heard more quite a few people refer to him as a "mentor".

    His balance was also affected, and his immune system was thrown into disarray. He had a constant fight with upper respiratory congestion, too much exertion would throw him into coughing fits. But, he fought on.

    He tried stem cell, radiation and experimental drugs. His attitude was that if he could live another day, that was one day longer that he may see a cure. I never heard him complain during all these years. He never told me how unfair life could be. He never said that God wronged him.

    Like the man before the cancer, and the man after the cancer - he went about his life with the same steadfast determination that he instilled in all his children. One of many things that I thank my father for after all these years.

    But I never got to thank him.

    My father died on August 23rd, 2004.

    The later years

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    So I get to Hoboken. I remember my first memory of driving up here in September 1994, with a van full of random knick knacks and clothing for my new apartment in Brooklyn Heights.

    Brooklyn Heights?!

    Yea I first moved up to Brooklyn Heights. My oldest friend Brad was living there at the time, right where Atlantic Avenue and the BQE meet.

    Anyhow, back to the memory. I remember driving along the BQE, with its view of Brooklyn. squirrel1004.jpg
    Abandoned cars, grafitti and the sprawl of urban humanity lay before me like a tawdry nightmare. Cheap, boxy apartment buildings scour the landscape, dejected neighbors shuffle down the street and gone are the familiar trappings of suburban society. Heck, even the squirrels up here looked mean.

    Many people from the New York Metro area don't understand Philadelphians.

    Especially when it comes to the Philadelphia Sports Fan. In New York I am surrounded by New York fans, and I hear them always crow how we are the worst fans in the country and they usually site one of three semi-famous incidents:

    1. We threw snowballs and booed at Santa Claus.

    2. We threw batteries at J.D. Drew.

    3. We cheered when Michael Irvin was lying on the field at Veterans Stadium and sustained a career ending neck injury during a Dallas/Eagles game.

    Who? What? Where? Why?

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    Today is day two.

    My site has been up for 24 hours and I have been pondering what exactly to do with it.

    Do I want to make it a Philadelphia Eagles site? No.

    Do I want to make it Furey's Dark Secrets of Hoboken? Well, I have a few that I will share with you some day later. But realistically, no.

    Do I want to make it All-Hoboken, all the time? No.

    I guess this is a site basically about my life, in Hoboken, and things I think about. Lets start from the beginning, for those of you that think they know me.

    Week 4 Pictures

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    Here are some pictures from week 4 at McMahon's Brownstone, I will post more later...plus some color commentary...

    eagles 015a.jpg
    Dave, A Guy Who-I-forget-his-name, Eddie, Furey and Mel. Disregard what you see in the background of the picture - by week 12 we will have a game called: "Giants Neon Sign Pinata"

    eagles 006a.jpg
    I think this was when Mel was trying to convince me that this is Todd Pinkston's year. On a side thought what is Na Brown doing now-a-days? Same guy who had the "softest hands in the NFL".

    eagles 010a.jpg
    Was it the camera getting blurry or the "T.O. shots" affecting me? This group was very cool, but their girlfriends need to sport some Eagles gear next week!

    eagles 011a.jpg
    "Hey Mom, forget the tour of Hoboken - I have a great idea - lets go to McMahons and watch football!" This chick has immediate coolness in my book.

    Philadelphia Eagles Club in Hoboken

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    Too long Eagle fans have been denied watching their games in Hoboken.

    Too long Eagle fans were treated like second class citizens, forced to endure the tepid Giants and fickle Jets fans in Hoboken.

    No more!

    The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken is rallying the troops and drafting the "Green Legion" to build our own army in Hoboken.

    Get the word out - the draft starts NOW! The Green Legion won't be denied any longer!

    2005 Update: We now meet at Dipper's Bar on 616 Washington Street, Hoboken for every Eagles game! See this link:

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