Eagles vs Browns

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What a wild weekend game!

Only a few days ago i'm talking about how I quit smoking cigarettes and during that game I turned to Melissa and said, "Its games like this that make me WANT to smoke again."

We had the largest crowd to date this week, I counted 63 people in the bar at its peak! I keep meeting new people each week, and this is very exciting. The bartenders were nice enough to turn all the TVs on to the Eagles games, so we had the entire bar to ourselves.

Here are some pictures from yesterday...

eagles 027a.JPG

eagles 029a.JPG

eagles 033a.jpg

eagles 035a.JPG

eagles 041a.JPG


How about that game? Dad must be giving us his chesire cat smile from ear to ear! I bought a huge Eagles flag for the pole on the garage. As soon as Halloween is over I'm putting it up. I'm also putting one on my car. This could be the year! xoxoxomom

That game was quite the nail-biter! I am glad I'm still smoking. I couldn't have made it through without them... Of course, now my throat is sore and I have laryngitis, but there is no sacrifice that is too great in the name of an Eagles victory!

Its great that we won however, Im extrememly concerned with our defense. Garcia has a knack for playing the Eagles tough even when he played for the niners last year (ding ding- he beat us on the last game of the season) I hope that if we have a let down that it will be sooner than later. One more thing - I almost invite the the oppurtunity to be the # 2 seed this year in the playoffs. Fact: The closest we ever came to getting to the bowl was in St. Louis and for all intensive purposes should have won that game. What is it about the Eagles at home in the post season? I think this team plays better without the comfort of being at home. They definatly play with a sense of urgentcy. Just a thought. See everyone next week.

Holla atcha boy! Brandon

I seriously wonder at the two overtime calls by Reid - twice on 3rd down he passes the ball!!

Terrible playcalling in OT, it was like watching the 2001 Eagles all over again. Watching D-Mac run the ball from the 20 to the 50 was also like a 2001 flashback.

Brandon you are right - home field isn't that good for the Eagles, the fans and the media are our own worst enemy!!

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