Grand Theft Auto: Hoboken

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A nerd herd gathers outside the Hoboken GameStop.

I can make fun of them because I am a nerd also. I get excited when a new PC game comes out, and while I am walking home tonight I see my greeks, freaks and dweebs all outside of Gamestop waiting in line for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

For those of you who don't know Grand Theft Auto (read: 75% of women or people over the age of 40), its simply the most fun a nerd can have without it involving Leonard Nemoy. Its a video game that involves everything a young, growing gamer needs: violence, sex and good music - with your primary objective is to gain power, wealth and status stealing cars, eliminating your enemies and staying alive in 1990 "San Andreas" (A pseudo Compton style city).

I'll get my hands on this game in the next few weeks, and put a review up. In the meantime I am playing Tribes: Vengeance and Star Wars: Battlefront during my free time. Both are first person shooter (FPS) games, and are so far so good, but nothing super exciting.

If anyone owns those games and feels like challenging me to a duel or wants to play online - drop me an email. I will be happy to destroy you.

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