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I was at Club H Fitness (110 Sinatra Drive, 201-656-9989) last night and spoke to Adam, who is in charge of PR. He was nice enough to show me around the new section of Club H, which should be opening up very soon. From what I was told he is waiting on the Port Authority, who owns the property, to 'OK' the new additions and let members use them. Adam expects the new area should be open by this weekend.

Nice new machines...Only 225 days until Memorial Day Weekend 2005...

Training room and basketball half court....that is 5,400 hours...

New Lockers...324,000 minutes to Memorial Day 2005...

Also there is the new River Spa area which is nearly complete. I got to look around but it was very messy and Adam would let me back later to take pictures of the looks really great.

Here are some more pictures of the new section...

Another look at the new equipment and aerobic area....19,440,000 seconds to Memorial Day 2005...

Another look at the basketball half-court.

New training room.

New Yoga "Temple".

Like I said to Adam - joining a gym is like buying a car. You can buy a Ford. You can buy a Porsche. They both get you to the same place, but its up to you how you want to get there. A Ford will get you there cheaply and efficiently. A Porsche will get you there in style and comfort. Club H is certainly the Porsches of health clubs in Hoboken - absolutely gorgeous facilities with very nice, courteous staff and the club members are very much considerate and friendly to each other.

Club H Website

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