Top 5 Things I Miss About Philadelphia

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Top 5 Things I Miss About Philadelphia:

1. Sports. My previous article should have given insight that most guys from Philadelphia love sports. I'm a huge Eagles fan, big Flyers fan, strong Sixers fan and a lukewarm Phillies fan (its hard to love a team that is sub .500 so many years). Plus my teams are constantly getting upset by the hometown teams. The Devils have been kicking the Flyers around for the majority of the last few seasons. iketina.jpg
The Eagles were once the Giants bitches - I think the Giants at one point of time beat the Eagles 11 meetings in a row or maybe it was 10 of the last 11 games. Sixers (pre Iverson) were the "Tina" to the Knicks "Ike Turner" beatdown ("Eat the cake, Anna May!"). When my teams get beat - its like the Parade of Putdowns for me from my friends and coworkers. They come marching over to my apartment or calling my cell phone. Fun, fun.

2. Cheesesteaks. A staple of the Philly diet. Nearly every pizza shop in the city and suburbs makes a cheesesteak, along with your normal assortment of hoagies and slices. While I lived there, on average, I would eat about one cheesesteak a week. My favorite steak shops is Dalessandro's located at Henry Ave. and Wendover St. in Philadelphia. My grandfather used to take my brother and I golfing at Green Lane Golf Course and afterwards we would scarf down these delicious steaks. If you haven't heard of Dalessandro's, don't be surprised - its kind of an "insider" place versus the commonly known Pat's or Geno's. My second favorite is Jim's on South Street - but I have found recently that going to Jim's I have been disappointed with the quality of the steak. Maybe my expectations are just too high - after being up here so long without having a cheesesteak - I get there like a man who hasn't eaten for weeks, laughing while he eats with a mad gleam in his eye. Its a sad sight, really.

3. Music. If you go to Philly and listen to the top rock stations there (93.3 WMMR or 94.1 WPST) - then go to New York and listen to the top rock stations here (like 92.3 XRK "K-Rock"), you can hear a fundamental difference. If you like Rock and Roll - you will like Philly. If you like Pop and Hip Hop, you will like NYC. For example, both stations will play the top 100 "Songs of the Moment", everything that MTV has on rotation. But the "filler songs" - the songs that aren't current pop chart darlings, here is where you can see the differences. In Philly, you will hear the stations all play "classic rock" songs like Van Halen, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Lynrd Skynrd, The Who, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc. But in NYC, you will hear the stations play more "urban" selections like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Sean Combs (whatever his nickname is of the moment), J. Lo, 50 Cent, etc. Personally, I very much enjoy getting back to Philly and listening to classic rock over Hip Hop any day of the week. But I will admit that my appreciation of Hip Hop, Club and Rap has grown since I moved up here.

4. Grass. Not the kind you smoke, but the kind that you find in parks and backyards. In the suburbs of Philadelphia, mostly every lot has about a 1/2 acre of green paradise, plus there are parks and fields everywhere - so many that I took it for granted when I moved up here. Now - if you want to toss a frisbee, good luck. Hoboken & its surrounding area is just a sprawl of humanity. Sure, you can certainly find parks to play in, but more than likely you will be stepping on or hitting people if you decide to play sports at the park. Heck, even in Philadelphia, there are tons of parks that you can easily play any sport you want. Around here you have to get PERMITS just to play a quick game of baseball. Pathetic. Also what I miss is the sounds and smells of the outdoors. I was recently at a friend's house in suburban Philadelphia, you heard the sounds of the crickets, the smell of the dew on grass, the rustle of leaves being blown by the wind, the sights of the stars above - all lost upon urban living.

5. Familiarity. I miss certain familiar foods that surrounded me from where I grew up, most of them are the "little things". For example, when I go to a WaWa, they sell sandwiches the way *I* like them: with yellow mustard, not Guldens mustard; with white American cheese, not yellow american cheese. They have Tastykakes, not Hostess. Small examples, but its these things that you miss over the years of living up here and its a real treat when I return home and get a REAL Philly pretzel (yes, to the uninitiated they are hard and/or slimy). Also visiting my home, and mom cooking up scrapple (if you don't know what this is - don't ask) or Taylor Ham (I have seen this up here, but its certainly more popular in Philly). Plus everything is so much more EXPENSIVE up here. Its a real shock to the system when i'm buying $11-15 dollar lunches that in Philly would cost about $7-11. Like a sandwich ($4), chips (.50) and a soda ($1) would cost around $5-6. Up here, its like sandwich ($5.50), chips ($1), soda ($1.50) - $8. That adds up after a while.

Now after reading all this you may be saying "Then go back to Philadelphia!" - well its not all that great, next Monday I will be posting the Top 5 Things that I Hate About Philadelphia or the Top 5 Things I Love About Hoboken. Not sure which one I will choose - if you want to vote on that - leave a comment...

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