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Some of you may know that I bartended in town for a little while. It was a small bar, but got a decent crowd of regulars and I had a lot of fun there. To me, it was like having your own personal bar, because a lot of my friends would visit, drink, and we would be able to shoot the shit all night long while getting drunk together. Plus, on top of it, I got paid at the end of the night. Since I was a bartender I got to know other bartenders, bouncers and owners in town, and I usually have my ear to the ground on the rumor mills...

I was passing by the old "River Street" bar, and noticed like everyone else that they, once again, are renaming and renovating their bar. Also it appears that they are going for the whole "Martini Bar/Lounge" theme that all the other bars in town are copying. Word on the street from Huggy Bear is that they are trying to get rid of their guido image and going more upscale. I snuck inside today and was able to grab some photos before they chased me out. Actually that is another lie - they were nice about it and let me in when I asked if I could take pictures.

The "Martini Bar Explosion" is obviously the latest trend for bars in Hoboken. Gone are the days when Irish pubs ruled Hoboken - now its all about the bling bling.

There seems to be five common rules to Martini Bars:

1. Flat screen TVs.
2. Lots of wood - hardwood floors, wood panelling, etc.
3. Dark and lit by candles.
4. Ottomans and couches.
5. Prices must increase.

Anyhow - here are the pics from inside the place, enjoy.





I wish I did take a picture of the girl who worked there who was rude to me as I left the bar. She was standing there, outside and obviously worked there (she was trying to get the outside lighting correct). I walked out, said "Hi" and she gave me a blank stare which summed up the "Yep, i'm a bitch and you aren't worth saying 'Hello' back to."

Now I know why I never went to this bar.

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