Team America: World Police

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I saw Team America: World Police last night with my friend Melissa. We wanted to go to a restaurant in Hoboken with some friends and review it for Hobokeni, but that will have to wait.

Team America is extremely funny, and well worth going to see in the theater. It is humorous on many levels, first its just plain silly. The puppets jerky movements are very much exaggerated in certain scenes, like fight scenes, and you just can't help to laugh when you watch two marionettes trying to give each other a beat down.

Second, the satire is on target, the filmmakers really are poking fun at the ignorance of everyday poorly educated Americans. Every country in the world is defined by its distance to America. When they show Central America, for example, they describe it 2,536 miles from "Real America". The countries that are created for the movie: France, Egypt, Korea - are purposefully stereotyped. Cairo is made to appear to be something out of an Indiana Jones movie, rather than the modern day city that exists there now. The people of those countries are a cariacature of who they really are.

I also really enjoyed how this movie blasts the movie industry on so many fronts. They laugh at how "action" movies are made, and put every single generic action movie formula into the movie. When a team member dies, the puppet is holding their fallen comrade in their arms, shouting "Noooooo!" while looking up to the sky, with the camera panning backwards towards the heavens with a birds eye view of the scene. Classic. Just one of many things that will have you chuckling to yourself.


You have to love how people who are "in the industry" bash the self righteousness of their fellow co-workers, who think of themselves as educated, informed Americans - just because they can regurgitate what they read in the papers or watch what the pundit of the moment declares. They basically are telling every actor in the world to SHUT UP - they aren't forming their own opinions, they are being the parrot of other people's thoughts. Are actors somehow more privy to MORE information than the rest of the world? No. They read the newspaper, watch TV and make judgements just like every other person in America - that is the point. The actors are so self absorbed in their own fame and translate that fame into importance. Sean Penn probably thinks he is Jimmy Carter.

While watching the movie, I felt like the filmmakers were taking pot shots at everyone - from conservatives to liberals. They were bashing midwest conservative Americans to roasting a-list celebrities from Hollywood. Really, you should go see this movie, I found myself laughing and chuckling during the entire movie - sure there are a few jokes that just aren't funny - but the majority of those will make you laugh.


I really didn't expect to enjoy this movie as much as I did - I never was a big fan of South Park, and the main reason why I saw this movie was that my cousin was the third writer who made this movie.

Yea, my little claim to Hollywood fame is that my cousin, Pam Brady (first cousin on my father's side of the family), has been friends with Matt Stone and Trey Parker since the beginning of South Park. She has some silly title on South Park TV show and got full credit for the movie as the third writer. Pam has always been extremely funny, she basically is the type of person that has such wit that you look forward to seeing them. Every Christmas Day, around early evening, my family would drive to her parents house about 20 minutes away from our house in the Philly suburbs. We would sit around their dining room table and chat. Of course when Pam was there, she would always have these hilarious stories.

Before Hollywood, she went to Princeton University. She met and became friendly with Brooke Shields, and would always tell us some great stories about her escapades there. When she went to Hollywood, it really was only about two years before we started to hear about her making her mark there. She first started writing for the John Larroquette Show.

Anyone remember John Larroquette? The DA from Night Court? The same fate of obscourity that is about to befall Michael Richards ("Kramer") or Jason Alexander ("George Costanza"). Yea, well John had a show after Night Court, it lasted a little while and Pammy wrote on it.

I'm really not 100% sure how she met up with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, I will have to ask her at the next family renunion or holiday party. But, yea, the whole thing has been really great for her, she doesn't get the limelight that Matt and Trey have (South Park was their baby and concept, not Pam's) - but she definitely gets PAID.

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