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Getting tired of the same old bar routine? Why not spice things up and see Will O'Connor play some music?

Will and I go way back, I have known him for about 25 years, we served in Vietnam together. I called him "Agent Orange" and he...

Ok, we didn't serve in Vietnam, we would have been around 8 years old.

It was Desert Storm! Will was a plucky tank commander and I was his helpful sidekick. We had a plan to steal a bunch of gold bullion from the Iraqis, and then George Clooney came along...and....oh wait that was a movie.

Sadly, I don't have an exciting story how Will and I met. I am fairly sure we met thru the "Farside Connection"- where you become a regular at the Farside Bar and eventually become friendly with the other regulars. After a while you are planning camping trips, parties and excursions out in the city with your new friends...

Go see Will play, he is one of the best acoustic guitar players in town and if you do see him make sure you ask to hear some "Dirty Willie" songs. They are very hilarious, especially late at night.

He plays at:
Dipper's (616 Washington Street) on Wednesdays.
Company (86 Garden Street) every other Thursday.
Moran's (501 Garden Street) on Fridays.

Check his website for details:

Here are my favorites that he sings:
1. Drift Away, by The Doobie Brothers
2. Uncle John's Band, by The Grateful Dead
3. Me & Julio, by Simon & Garfunkel
4. Cherry, Cherryby Neil Diamond (come on, who doesn't love Neil?)
5. Dear Pe**s, (it rymes with "Venus"), - i'm not sure who wrote that song, but its a "Dirty Willie" song and I didn't want to write the word lest Google suddenly redirect more porn addicts than normal to my site.

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