Week 4 Pictures

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Here are some pictures from week 4 at McMahon's Brownstone, I will post more later...plus some color commentary...

eagles 015a.jpg
Dave, A Guy Who-I-forget-his-name, Eddie, Furey and Mel. Disregard what you see in the background of the picture - by week 12 we will have a game called: "Giants Neon Sign Pinata"

eagles 006a.jpg
I think this was when Mel was trying to convince me that this is Todd Pinkston's year. On a side thought what is Na Brown doing now-a-days? Same guy who had the "softest hands in the NFL".

eagles 010a.jpg
Was it the camera getting blurry or the "T.O. shots" affecting me? This group was very cool, but their girlfriends need to sport some Eagles gear next week!

eagles 011a.jpg
"Hey Mom, forget the tour of Hoboken - I have a great idea - lets go to McMahons and watch football!" This chick has immediate coolness in my book.

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