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Today is day two.

My site has been up for 24 hours and I have been pondering what exactly to do with it.

Do I want to make it a Philadelphia Eagles site? No.

Do I want to make it Furey's Dark Secrets of Hoboken? Well, I have a few that I will share with you some day later. But realistically, no.

Do I want to make it All-Hoboken, all the time? No.

I guess this is a site basically about my life, in Hoboken, and things I think about. Lets start from the beginning, for those of you that think they know me.

I refer to myself as "Furey" online. It was my matrilineal great grandmother's maiden name. If your last name is Furey, then its possible I could be very distantly related to you. The key word is distantly related, don't get your hopes up - I don't have any cousins or relatives I know named Furey. I just liked the sound of the name. At first I used it for online games like Doom or Quake. After years of using the name, I started to identify with it, kind of like a nickname. So to me, its my nickname and what I will use on this site (for now).

I was born in 1972, briefly living in Philadelphia and then my parents moved into the suburbs. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, in the suburbs, in a small town called Richboro from 1975-1985. To me, my memories and "life" really started in Richboro. I still have dreams today about my house & my friends from growing up. Again, more about this later.

I moved to Gwynedd Valley, PA in 1985 and that was miserable. Gwynedd Valley is one of the most expensive parts of the Philadelphia suburbs, aside from the "Main Line" suburbs of Philadelphia. The Main Line was named for a railroad route constructed to accommodate the executives of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co., and it runs west from Philadelphia to Paoli, including the towns of Lower Merion, Ardmore and Haverford. If you meet a girl from any of those towns - and plan on dating them - you better have the ducats to back up their rich tastes.

Anyhow back to my misery.

So here I am. 13. In Gwynedd. The street that my parents selected for their house was very nice. Large, old trees with squirrels running around like mad hatters. I wouldn't say it was Gwynedd Valley 90210 - but it was an upper middle class or lower upper class residence (yes, I do think that way sometimes). It was also very isolated. Certainly we had neighbors only a stone's throw from my house. But I came from a Toll Brothers 60 house development in Richboro, with 5 really good friends who were living 500 yards in either direction of my house.

This was like living in Sleepy Hollow. Late at night, it was very dark. The trees would blow in the wind, and make strange noises. During the days, like in summertime, it would be me, alone on my driveway with my skateboard. I couldn't drive anywhere. There were two kids on my street who were my age - but when you are 13 and new to a place like this, I just didn't fit in. They were living on this street their whole life and I was the kid from Richboro. I was friendly with them, but we only hung out once.

Why is this all important? Well, I guess that whole experience kind of made me who I am today. I am a person who loves his friends but also is very independent. I enjoy being alone. I enjoy sitting on my computer for hours, alone. But I also enjoy the company of my friends, and also very much like making new friends. But I really don't have many CLOSE friends. The kind of friends that I can tell anything. In the end, I like being surrounded by casual friends but yet I like being alone - weird, isn't it?

Well I got thru Gwynedd. Life went on. In 8th Grade I was in Germantown Academy, which was a great school if you were beautiful, athletic or rich. I was none of those things, so I once again felt like the outcast. In 9th grade I went to LaSalle High School. It was a Christian Brothers High School, and all boys.

So great. Here I am, in Gwynedd, with no friends, going to an all-boy high school at 14 years old. My hormones were raging worse than Chris Rock's crack junkie's cravings in New Jack City. But I got through it. Eventually I graduated and went to Villanova.

VillaNoFun. That is about right. It was ok, but in retrospect I should have picked a school with a bit more of a social life, rather than Villanova which was quite conservative. Also it very much catered to the beautiful, athletic or rich. Villanova was ok. It wasn't bad, and I was starting to grow as a person. I had a chance to study in Italy, thanks to the generousity of my parents. I joined a fraternity (Delta Tau Delta), and even had a brief stint in NROTC (Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps). I made some good (college) friends there, and it was one of them that lured me to Hoboken.

Hoboken. What can I say? First off Hoboken was exactly what I needed after college. When I first moved into town in 1994 - it was cheap, filled with a ton of post-college graduates, and had a lot of bars. I had a job in the city, and it really just felt like the college life that I really never had. I would go out drinking many, many nights - and go to work the next day. Work was just like college classes - you go to the office (school), work 8 hours (take your classes), and go home (the dorm).

Heck, when I first moved into town I lived with 2 other people in a 2 bedroom apartment on 6th and Bloomfield. Now 2 bedroom is deceiving. Really, it was a townhouse at one point of time, that the landlord split into three levels: Basement & 1st floor was the first apartment; 2nd floor was apartment two; 3rd floor was apartment three. We were on the 2nd floor. It was a "railroad" apartment (all the rooms connected from one end to the other): Kitchen & Bathroom (with standup shower) was one room, Living room was the next, my "room" (which was really more like a large alcove), and then the second bedroom which was shared by 2 people. I think total rent was $1100. I paid $400 and the two guys who shared a room paid $350 each.

So here I am. 22 years old, I come from posh Gwynedd Valley - but mostly alone - and i'm in Hoboken, living in a shotgun shack of sorts. But, I was making new friends. I was meeting new people. It was very exciting to be in this town during that time. It was a different place, just at the start of the Internet revolution.

So much to talk about and so little space. Maybe more to come later. Enjoy that tidbit.

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As one of your "casual friends" I can't wait to read more about you. You write very well.

Now if only you'd limit yourself to posting GOOD pictures of me, and not the back of my head! :)

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