Flop, Eagles, Flop

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Wow, that was a bad Eagles game on Sunday vs the Steelers.

Congrats to the Steeler fans, they won on both sides of the ball and really kicked our teams ass. We lost to a team that should have beat us and did.

But, then again, thanks to the Giants for losing to a team they should have beat - the lowly Bears! Good job Chi-town.

So what do we learn after all this?

  • Eagles run defense has always been suspect, and the Steelers exploited it. They controlled the clock, ran the ball and were easily marching down the field on the Eagles.
  • Ben Rothelisburger has shown maturity and confidence in the pocket and is not easily rattled - I will give him that. I don't believe that Ben really beat the Eagles this week - it really was the Steelers run game and defense that beat us.
  • Anyone hate Cris Collinsworth as much as I do? The guy is the biggest Eagles-hater and incredibly annoying to listen to during an Eagles game.
  • Also, go to the Eagles message board and read some of the "Negadelphians" (Negative Philly fans) posts. You think its the end of the world with one loss and its really embarassing to read. You would think we were 1-7.
  • Here is a name you may not me familiar with: Sam Rayburn. He is a diamond in the rough defensive tackle that the Eagles signed for a 5 year extension of his contract. What does he do? 2 sacks! The guy has skills, keep an eye on him.
  • Anyone see Roderick Hood's 45 yard return? He was an undrafted rookie 2 years ago, and now is the #3 cornerback on our team. Amazing.
  • Dallas lost - to the BENGALS. Wow.
  • Redskins win - Clinton Portis rushes for 147 yards. You know what i'm thinking if i'm the Redskins...give the damn ball to him all day against the Eagles.
  • Next game - Philadelphia at Dallas on MONDAY night at 9pm. Don't look to the Bengals game for any hopes - Dallas will give us a game, for two key reasons: One - they hate us. Two - its Monday night and they will want to look good on a nationally televised game.

    Oh well life goes on. We all knew the Eagles were going to lose a game or two this season - and as a friend pointed out before the game - this was the game to lose. Lets just hope the Eagles bounce back with a good win next week and not get into a rut.

    Like the rest of the Eagle fans out there i'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. I know as soon as I walk in the office the "Parade of Rubbing It In" will begin from all the anti-Eagle fans. Fortunately most of those Eagle Haters are Giant fans, so I have a few counter insults ready.

    Such is my life.

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