Halloween Hoboken Style

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The Halloween weekend in Hoboken. Basically the excuse for good girls to dress like bad girls and for men to admire them with their digital cameras.

As soon as I walked out of my apartment I see two naughty schoolgirls on the corner of my block. I ask to take their picture, and they oblige. If I remember correctly, my exact words were "You two are fucking hot let me take your picture." They giggle, and are really cool about it. More girls need to have this kind of laid back attitude.

Personally, I think Halloween should be every weekend, but that is just me.

I quickly scurry up to Dipper's to see some friends and to document some of the more "interesting" costumes I saw that night. Here are the rest of the pictures, along with two stories at the end of my semi-eventful night...

Two friends I know from the bar scene, very nice girls. Very nice "naughty" girls this night, however.

Two more friends, sexing it up.

The wonderful and talented Heather of Dipper's fame.

Nancy and Sid made a graveyard appearance. Great costumes.

I would highly encourage any women attending the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken gatherings to wear this jersey.

Once again, this girl proves why men love Halloween.

Joe, Heather, Christina, Heather and I pose at Farside.

The oompa-loompas! The best group costumes that I saw all night.

Too bad the girl on the right is a Jets fan. But I can overlook that, of course, since she has a ridiculously great body and she isn't wearing any crappy Giants uniform.

These girls were all cute, but the only rude crew I met the whole night. Weird - everyone else loved the whole picture thing and got into it.

Tennis guy here is a pal of mine and if you play darts in Hoboken you know who he is...plus he is the reigning Texas Hold Em Champion of Hoboken (he won the last two tournaments I was in). Congrats you bastard!

Ok, now on to the stories.

I altered some of the details but I had about 50 witnesses to story #1. I was in a bar, which we will call "Not Farside". I'm seeing old friends, taking pictures and chatting it up with everyone. I was there about 20 minutes and notice a girl in a slammin outfit and ask to take her picture (I didn't put her picture up on the site, btw). She is dressed, like a super hero with a costume that shows off her super features.

We chat it up, and she is very sweet and fun to talk to. We talked for about 5 minutes, when a guy walks up behind me, passes me, and puts her into a headlock, dragging her away from me.

Yes. A headlock. Arm under her chin, forcing her away from me. I'm thinking she has to know this guy, there is no way this could be happening otherwise.

Lo and behold he released her when they got 20 feet from me and he is arguing with her. She storms away from him, towards the door and I ask who that guy was - it was the boyfriend.

Nice guy, huh?

She makes an excuse to go get some air, and I turn to my friends and say, "This should get interesting."

Mr. Jealous Boyfriend walks out of the bathroom and i'm between him and the exit in the middle of the bar. He says nothing but has a look of fury as he walks towards me. As he gets closer I grab his arm simply say "Nice way to treat your girlfriend, you punk. Real smooth. We were just talking you ass."

He kept his cool and didn't say shit and kept walking, with that venemous glare on me.

So what happens?

Of course he goes outside and patches things up with his girlfriend. I'm frankly amazed that girls go out with thugs like this guy. A headlock?! Whatever.

This jealous boyfriend stuff happens to me all the time. You walk into the bar and boyfriend is standing with girlfriend and has to do things to basically tell all the single guys "she is with me". Things like:

  • Kissing her on the cheek.
  • Putting their arm around her.
  • Running to the corner and pissing on the barstools to mark their "territory".

    Guys, seriously, lighten up. If you trust your girl, you got nothing to worry about. Plus how many girls like insecure jealous boyfriends. On top of that - I was just talking to her! Man alive.

    Ok, on to story #2.

    This one is much more subtle, but it aggrivated the hell out of me. I'm at Dunkin Donuts. Here is the set up:

    Register 1 - empty
    Register 2 - Guy Employee and Customer A

    Girl employee is fixing something in the back. I walk in at the same time another woman walks in, we will call her Customer B.

    I walk over to register 1, ahead of Customer B. Girl Employee comes out and asks if she can help me (looking at me).

    So I motion to Customer B (she was a girl and she was actually in the store ahead of me first), to go first, displaying my social skills that Mom and Dad drilled into me over many, many childhood years.

    Customer B orders with Girl Employee. I wait.

    Guy Employee is chatting with Customer A - apparently they are friends and exchanging phone numbers.

    In walks in CustomerGroup C. 3 guys, all drunk, but to their defense, they were cordial and not obnoxious.

    Guy Employee finishes up with Customer A - then turns to CustomerGroup C and asks what they wanted to order.

    Normally I may pipe up and say "Hey! I was next!" or something to that effect, but it was 2 am and I just wanted a plain bagel with cream cheese. I looked at the bagel bins and there were 2 left.

    So, I was thinking, at the time, no big deal there were 2 bagels left and I would get one.

    Big mistake.

    CustomerGroup C does their impression of when the locusts invaded Egypt 2,000 years ago. My bagels were taken and now i'm fuming.

    So I keep waiting for GirlCustomer to finish up with GirlEmployee - trust me its like a solid 5 minute wait here for a fucking bagel - which they are now out of.

    I'm sure some of you may be reading this and saying "Furey you are getting way to upset over something so trivial."

    You know what, i'm not. Its the principle. I was fucking nice and then what happens - I get fucked.

    To finish the story - GirlCustomer walks out and GirlEmployee asks if she can help me. I say "One plain bagel with cream cheese."

    She looks at the bin and says "Oh, i'm sorry we are out."

    Yes, I knew she was out, and I am sure she knew I was standing there for the last 5 minutes like a jerkoff while the DrunkCustomers got served.

    I won't go into the details of how what exactly happened next, but it was the social skills that Mom and Dad forgot to teach me - which is how to filter out my anger and come up with rude quips and barbs towards people who piss me off. But then again I had a lot of right to be pissed off here. Just another reason why I sometimes don't get the NYC metro area - you try to be nice and in the end you get fucked.

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