Top 5 Things I Hate About The PATH

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Here are my top 5 things I hate about the PATH:

1. What's up with the 1960 decor? The Hoboken PATH station is very much in need of a makeover. It looks like something from Better Homes & Gardens: Bosnia. Can we get more concerete and pale flourescent lighting in there, please? The trains are older than me. I also love how it seems the pillars have about 46 coats of paint on them.

2. People who wait on the other side of the tracks should be beaten with rubber hoses. You know who you are. You are the people who wait on the side of the PATH train when it rolls into the station - the side where the doors open first to let the passengers off - so you can scurry inside the train and get a seat. This needs to be outlawed for two reasons.

  • The passengers getting off have to shove their way through a crowd of people who are too rude to let them off the train.
  • Really, this is the equivalent of butting in line. Rather than waiting their turn on the center platform for the 33rd Street Train - they are being sneaky.

    3. Take your backpacks, messenger bags and purses off! I'm tired of getting poked and prodded by someone wearing a backpack who doesn't take them off when they get on the train. Simple rule: Get on the train. Take off your backpack. Put it between your feet while you stand.

    4. Time to build an express train. We already have a tunnel in place, if another track was built next to it, for express trains, this would be key. Have the train make two stops: 14th street and 33rd street. A 20 minute train ride to 33rd street now becomes a 10 minute ride.

    5. Combine MetroCard and PathCards. Why doesn't someone get smart and make the equivalent of EZ Pass for public transportation? You have ONE card that will allow you to take the bus, subway, PATH, train - whatever! Make a universal debit card that is used for all forms of public transportation!

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    Well, they are starting to get their sh*t together regarding PATH and Metro cards. The 14th St. Station now accepts both, and this weekend they will be upgrading the Christopher St. Station. Great news, BUT:

    A)Monthly metro cards will not work (for obvious reasons...too bad $70 per month can't get you all the way to where you want to be). Hopefully there are plans to let you buy a combined monthly card for both services (and not charge you 1-2 extremities for said card).

    B) There is already talk of smart cards for NY MTA services (they'll have that little metallic chip you see on your satellite tv cards). If these new turnstiles don't read the next generation cards, you've got an upgrade to the PATH stations in progress that's already obsolete.'ll all have to be removed when they install the bomb-sniffing security checkpoints anyway.

    -Manhattan Charlie

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