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How 'bout them Birds?

We are 10-1 and we mind as well be 6-5 when you talk to Eagles fans about our record. Its sad, really. Philly fans have been let down so many times over the years, and most people are happy but not overly excited.

We have a team that hasn't let up a TD in 2 games, against two of our dreaded NFC rivals. We have a team that outscored both of those teams with double digit wins. Go to the Eagles message board and see what the posts talk about. Here are a few common ones:

"Pinkston Sucks" - Pinky will always suck in the minds of fans until the day comes that he makes a clutch play. That "aligator arm" catch he shied away from against the Giants isn't going to endear him to anyone anytime soon. Oh, for the record, Pinky and I have nearly the same height (6'4) and weight (200) - I knew I could have started for the Eagles.

"Our Run Defense Sucks" - Welcome back, Trotter. I think we all know our linebacker situation will be addressed in the 2005 NFL Draft. Simoneau was a weakside linebacker thrust into the role of middle linebacker and everyone in Philly villified him for not being a MLB. Give the guy a break - I think he did the best he could. I don't think he sucks, but Trotter is a huge upgrade to our run defense in the middle. I'm still unhappy that he left us for the Redskins - I want Trotter and Corey Simon locked into a room with each other and let Jerimiah knock some sense into him.

"Donovan sucks" - I happen to have some thoughts here that you may not like.

I don't think Donovan will ever be "great" like Dan Marino. Peyton Manning looks like a GREAT QB. Eli even showed flashes of brilliance when he wasn't running for his life last weekend. Donovan was still throwing his dirt balls and annoyed me in the last few weeks. I think Donovan will be very good. I think he will be an extreme threat because of his athleticism. I do see that McNabb can take us to a SuperBowl and win - because his mix of arm and athletic talent will be able to get that win. I just don't see McNabb ever being the deadly accurate QB like I see in old clips of Montana. I'm not down on McNabb and I know i'm going to see someone who wails at me; "You don't like Donnie! Blah, blah, blah!" I'm just saying that his accuracy is sub par because he throws the ball too hard. It rockets out of his hand and too many times he ends up bouncing it off the turf or throwing off target.

"Andy Reid is a Fat Bloated Coach" - Like I said its a shallow society and even with Andy winning more games than any other coach in Philadelphia history - he mind as well change his name to "Andy Dangerfield". I think Reid is a outstanding coach, but needs to up his speaking skills a bit. He makes Helen Keller sound verbose. Anyone see Andy after the Carolina game last year in the press conference? If you have the chance, and want to feel melancholy, watch it again and see how sad he sounded while he tried to do his usual "keeping his cards close to his chest routine". He was pale and looked like a boy who just had to euthanize his pet pony.

I think Philly fans have good reason to be critical, but until we win a Super Bowl - they won't be satisfied. Even after winning a Super Bowl the euphoria will last until the 2005 Draft (yes, wishful thinking) - and they will cry bloody murder about how Reid drafted.

Oh, my final funny thought is if you didn't notice - Green Bay blasted St. Louis last night. We have our second big challenge of the season next week, and this will be a good barometer to see how the Eagles do against a contending playoff team. My early thoughts are that we are in big trouble and i'm pessimistic that we can win this. Green Bay always plays us tight, and they are going to be foaming at the mouth to revenge their loss from last year.


Ah, you should see what Giant's fans are saying about those of us who went to Giant Stadium. They're so angry that we outcheered them. It's McNabbulous!!!

And by the way, my favorite lines of the day from Sunday:
Giant fan: "Come on big blue."
Eagles fan: "Um, no one on the field is wearing blue. Dolt!!!" (they were wearing throwback red jerseys) DOH!

Giant fan: "McNabb's a homo."
Eagles fan: "Um, that's not what your mom said last night."

Giant fan: "How 'bout them Steelers."
Eagle fan: "How about them Lions, and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!!!!"

I love those birds!!! Even when they suck, I love 'em, because I can scream at them.

Donnie will go down as a great QB, likely the greatest in Eagle history. If he takes the Eagles to a SuperBowl victory, he will cement himself in the Hall of Fame. Will he ever go down as the most accurate? No. But Marino or Montana wont go down as the most mobile either.

Times have changed since Montana's day. While modern day greats such as Favre and Manning will stand the test of time, QBs like McNabb and Culpepper will be placeholders of the first great, big QBs that were versatile players that changed the nature of the position.

People once said that Magic Johnson will never be the "great" point guard as he didn't fit the typical "point guard great" mold. How wrong they were.

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