Turkey Day in Temecula

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Forgot to mention that I was going to Temecula, CA from November 22 until November 27.

Yea, my sister Steph and brother-in-law David invited me out to her new house in Temecula. Quite simply, its incredible and I should be putting up some pictures of it this week. After visiting their house I realize how I should have studied a bit more and that getting an MBA from U Penn is a good way to live a very comfortable lifestyle.

Temecula is a very nice community in between San Diego and Los Angeles (about 1 hour from either city). I visited some vineyards, relaxed with family and also stopped by Disneyland. It was a vacation that was more about decompressing from the Hoboken work-life and getting back to a very simple suburban existence.

Every day was about 65 degrees and sunny. If given the chance, I think I could get used to the Left Coast. Not Temecula, per se, because its a very FAMILY oriented town, and its not for a single guy like myself - but if I were to raise a family that town seemed very nice.

What I really enjoyed about the vacation, and I know this is going to sound strange, but were their dogs.

My sibling has three dogs - a golden retreiver bitch named "Chauncey", who they have had for over 10 years (I think she is about 13 now, but i'm not sure). Like any Golden, she is the sweetest thing, but sadly she is completely deaf and very old - she has arthritis and needs to be medicated daily. There were a few days when she couldn't even get up without the help of someone actually picking her up to get Chauncey on her feet. I don't think Chaunce has many days left, the sweet dog that she is.

There is a boxer, named "Champ" who was rescued off the streets of Camden at 4 years old and has been living with them for 2 years. Champ is a guys dog - after meeting this dog and hanging out with him in some previous visits, I very much want a boxer. The only downside is the drooling - they can really slobber all over you.

Their last dog was "Snoopy", who is such a great dog. This was a Lab - Border Collie mix that they rescued, and one look at this dogs eyes tells you the intelligence of dogs. Snoop would walk up to the door, look at the door, look directly at me and then back at the door. Basically saying "Ok, pal, open the door and lets go play." You would open the door, he would run and get his tennis ball, trot back to me, put the ball on the ground and look at me with an intense stare saying "Ok, throw it. THROW IT!"

I would watch Snoop even when I didn't want to play, he would systematically pick the ball up, follow me., set the ball down and keep doing this until I took notice of him and threw the tennis ball. I played with him on Wednesday for 90 minutes straight and he wouldn't stop fetching the tennis ball. It actually got to the point where Snoop started to bleed from a wound in his toenail and *I* stopped him from fetching - he was happy to keep going!

Anyhow, these dogs were a lot of fun to visit. We even got a new visitor.

Steph decided to rescue a Chihuahua, and my nephews Matthew and Jack named the pooch "Mongo" (a homage to the gingerbread giant in Shrek 2). Normally I am not a big fan of small dogs, but I have to admit that Mongo did a very good job at being cute. Again, I normally would look at a Chihuahua and think "Rat Dog". But when i'm chilling with a glass of wine, on the sofa, watching TV and this guy is on the ground with his front feet up on the sofa, his eyes dialated like black saucers and his entire body quivering - you can't help to feel bad for the little fella. So I would scoop him up and let him sit on my lap and he would just snooze there and be as content as ever.

Sadly, I don't think that Mongo will be staying with Steph and Dave very long. Its a big dog house, and Mongo doesn't seem to be getting along with the larger dogs. There has been some growling and even a few nips from Mongo towards Snoop and Champ. Funny thing is that Snoop or Champ could break the Chihuahua in half but their reaction only attests to how wonderful of a dog they are - they are actually scared of Mongo and don't want to engage him in a fight.

You have Snoop who would approach me while Mongo is on my lap. He would look at me, look at Mongo, and then come to a dead stop and then look directly at me to say "Hey man, i'm NOT coming over there with him on your lap." I know that dogs can't talk, but body language is so easily to discern that its almost laughable.

Low key times in California. I think that it was fun to do once, and i'm sure that I would visit them again. I think it would be tremendously more fun to visit them with a girlfriend on the WAY to Napa Valley with a convertible in April or May. But that is just me.

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