25 Things You May Not Know About Me

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1. Original name was going to be "Jacques-Pierre". Until Mom stopped drinking the cooking sherry and decided on my Irish name.
2. I'm very good at juggling three balls. Every visit to my nephews or nieces begins with them running up to me demanding I juggle and perform like a circus seal.
3. Joined Navy NROTC at Villanova on a spur of the moment. Dad was very happy - i'm not sure if it was from my patriotism or my tuition was going to decrease.
4. Common criticism throughout life is that i'm arrogant. I think that i'm very confidence in certain aspects and also very competitive - and I think people misunderstand my intentions which causes this perception. I genuinely believe that i'm very nice - to those that don't irritate me. :)
5. I don't do mornings. Extremely cranky in the morning to the point where loud noises or people talking bothers me. I can't explain it, but its almost like it hurts my brain. It takes about 2 hours for the "morning fog" to lift. I even warn my co-workers to not bother me until after 10am. After that i'm perky and fun.
6. Had a dog, an Afgan hound, named "Leia" after "Princess Leia". Most dogs fetch, guard or are friendly - my dog would basically sleep all day long in a corner. Worst. Dog. Ever.
7. Played a game as a kid called "Freedom". Probably the most fun game as a kid - a modified group game of hide & seek. Used to wear a full body black Ninja uniform to hide better. I can only imagine what neighbors must have thought when some gangly 11 year old is running at full speed in a ninja uniform being chased by other children. Or, even better, when i'm hiding in a tree and someone spots me who ISN'T playing the game. [whispering] "Hi - i'm not here to kill you, i'm just playing a game...sorry!"
8. Vacationed in the following foreign cities: London, Paris, Prague, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Florence, Rome.
9. Began snowboarding in 1988, before it was popular. I wish I knew it was going to become so popular - I would have tried to go pro!
10. Played Dungeons & Dragons, started playing around 1980 - still playing today. Glad my parents didn't buy into the whole "Satan" thing. He would rather be called, "Lucifer, Prince of Darkness", anyhow.
11. Love playing online games centered around D&D. Currently playing World of Warcraft.
12. Had imaginary monsters as a child named "Hands-Hands" and "Teeth-Teeth". Hands-Hands were a pair of rubber gloves who would attack me and hold me down. Teeth-Teeth were disembodied teeth that would click & clack to terrify me. Why the double-word names? Got me - I was 6, cut me some slack!
13. Favorite all-time TV shows: Dr. Who, Star Trek (old & new) or Quantum Leap. Yes, I inherited the nerd gene.
14. I skateboarded for years, from age 11 to 17. Many summers were spent on all-day sessions of skateboarding. At my peak I would say I was above average in skill. Tried skating once in college, in an empty shopping center, felt like I was too old to keep doing it after about 10 minutes.
15. Love freestyle frisbee, especially at the beach because a good wind can loft the throws better and the water can slick the underside of the frisbee allowing for longer spins & tricks.
16. Favorite dinner: Spiral Honey-Cured Ham. Throw some mashed potatoes & broccoli in there with a nice gravy and i'm in hog heaven. I dig swine.
17. Trained in horseback riding for 2 years from 16-18. Got to the point where I could jump horses - and stopped because the next step was to compete in shows, which I had no interest in doing.
18. I'm a night owl. Very much enjoy staying up late watching TV or playing video games on my PC. Which leads to...
19. I sleep late. Some people can sleep a few hours a night. I need at least 9 hours of sleep. So if I stay up until 3am - I usually sleep past noon on the weekends. Now, if you think about it - if I stay up until 3am, and sleep until noon, i'm really just getting 9 hours of sleep.
20. My IQ was judged by to be a 142 when I was 6 - not by standardized testing, but by professionals. I'm still waiting for it to kick in so I can cash out.
21. I have very vivid, detailed dreams. They are so vivid, that I remember them weeks later. Some dreams are so fun that I hate having to wake up (even on weekends) - and go back to sleep to "continue the dream".
22. I bartended for 2 years from 29-31. I would still like to do it again, given the right situation.
23. For fun, I started writing restaurant reviews for a website about 4 or 5 years ago. Feel free to read those reviews and figure out which ones are mine. Its not that hard.
24. For years, growing up, I always carried and worn a green backback to school. Today one of my most common worn items is my messenger bag. Some things never change.
25. I have a tendancy to fall into routines. My gym schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - it doesn't change. The thought of changing the routine annoys me. I won't do it.

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In reference to # 19, wait'll that first kid comes along. My 9 hours a night were drastically cut down. I still like to stay up late, but HAVE to get up early. Like 7-ish. Naps are pretty much done altogether. I suggest you start cutting down now so your not so shellshocked later. Starting Saturday morning, I'll call you at 7 AM. We'll go for coffee, your treat.

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