Chauncy, a loyal friend.

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A friend of mine passed away yesterday. Her name was Chauncy.

She was one the nicest and gentle friends I had. Always ready to be there for you, never judging you, never questioning. Her deep brown eyes would listen to your words and absorb what was being said with a quiet wisdom and loyal disposition.

She was always turning heads when I walked with her down the street, her long blonde hair blowing in the wind - very often we would be stopped by complete strangers who would comment on her beauty.

Chauncy lived for 15 wonderful years. To some that time may be considered short - but for her it was a lifetime.

Yes, I will miss Chauncy, she was a great dog. Oh. I'm sorry, didn't you know my sister's golden retriever?
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My sister told me that Chaunce had to be put to sleep because her arthritis was really bad, to the point where she had extreme difficulty walking.

I saw Chauncy only 2 weeks ago at my California visit. When Stephanie showed me the tour of her property, Chauncy followed us the entire way, which was very unusual for her. It's almost like she knew her time was coming to an end, she was extremely affectionate with me the whole trip, even lying on the ground next to me while I watched TV - usually she would sleep in a back room near the washing machine.

Its very sad to see a loyal friend go. To dog owners, this isn't some simple animal, but a friend that is leaving your life. I only hope that she is keeping my father company, because if any animal deserved to go to heaven, it was certainly Chauncy who would be my first choice.

Farewell, my friend.

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