Falsehood Rant

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I worked with a co-worker who I didn't get along with very well.

She was snippy and insecure. One way that she thought may anger me was to throw a barbed comment about my single status.

A lot of our arguements began the same way. She would try to order me to do something. I would say no. She would pout and complain, in front of other co-workers, and say things like "Well that's why you don't have a girlfriend".

So this went on for a good couple of months. She would jab at me and I would give it back and she would cluck, "That's why your single and i'm married." Basically you have someone who is defining their self worth because they are married. In a relationship = that someone loves me. Not in a relationship = you aren't worth loving.

So at a company party I got to meet Mr. Wonderful.

Call me shallow. Call me crass. The guy was a wonderful as a food processor. First, he looked like he could get beaten up by girl scouts. Second, he had the personality of my roommate's fish. Third, he worked for shipping comany as a "delivery specialist".

So i'm laughing on the inside. Shook his hand and all I could think, in full sarcasm: "Wow, another GREAT guy off the market. Glad you landed that one!"

I notice these falsehoods all the time. Like when you meet the guys who think they are all that, sleeping with this girl and that girl. Then you meet some of the train-wrecks they are banging. I'm fairly certain that the Bronx Zoo may be missing some orangutans. Yet you have to listen to these guys who make themselves sound like a porn star with all the action they are getting.

How about the people in town who are diving in their leased BMWs, Gold American Express, $2,000 a month condo? Yet, if you find out the truth - they don't have a penny saved in their bank account. Oh, they live like they are making about 5 times more than their current salary.

Or, people at the gym who are jacked. Its incredible to see the muscular form on these people. One of my friends, who was a personal trainer, pointed out a few of them and said, "Juiced. Juiced. Juiced...AND oh, yea, juiced." (Juiced, for our older readers, is the term for someone who is "On the juice" - or using steroids) I was incredulous, I asked her how she knew that. "After years working in gyms you know the key symptoms, they are easy to spot."

That's my rant for the day.

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