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Here are some of the pictures from my sister and brother in laws new home in Temecula. Its an absolutely stunning property, located in the hills above the city. They have about 4 acres of property, along with orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit trees. On Thanksgiving I was picking fresh lemons as an ingredient for a sauce that Dave, my brother in law, was preparing.

Here are some sample pictures, along with commentary...enjoy...

1104 051.jpg
The entrance to my sister and brother in laws home - on either side of the driveway are the fruit trees. From what my sister tells me they have so much fruit that they have to give it away. This explains where the guys on the streets in L.A. selling bags of oranges must be getting their supply.

1104 067.jpg
This is what you get when you study hard & become a CEO. This explains, why at 32, i'm still living with 2 roommates.

1104 003.jpg
Champ, the boxer who was once living on the streets of Camden, now living large in Cali after Stephanie and Dave rescued him.

1104 024.jpg
Snoopy, the mutt (we think he is part Lab & part Border collie) - who played fetch with me until his toenail got cut and started to bleed. The dogs drive to fetch was so great that he kept playing and wouldn't stop! We deactivated the dog for 3 days and put him on injured reserve.

1104 001.jpg
A beautiful atrium in the backyard that the previous owner built for the wedding of their child. Its about the same dimensions as many of my friends apartments in Hoboken.

1104 032.jpg
A picture looking at the back of their house, from the atrium. There is an enormous upkeep for the landscaping at their house, they have a gardener who visits 3 days a week! Hire me, i'm cheap and will work for wine or port.

1104 076.jpg
A picture of me with some horses from their personal stable. Just kidding, I don't know who that guy is. ;) This was a picture taken from a vineyard in Temecula called the Longshadow Ranch where I picked up some excellent port. They have wooden casks that were used for Jack Daniels which they store the port in - creates a very tasty treat. I'll share it with some close friends very soon.

1104 072.jpg
If you like nature, the view is nice to see with the whitecapped mountains in the distance. But I think that a walk down Sinatra Drive with New York city across the water beats this view. That's just me. I need something to be happy about living in Hoboken.

1104 091.jpg
A blurry, dark picture of me from behind riding a Segway at Disneyland. I forgot I did that until I saw the picture again. The segways were a lot of fun but I don't think I want to cough up 3 grand for it...

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