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Next Monday night (December 27), The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken is going to hit Dipper's Bar on 616 Washington Street.

What's so great about Dipper's? I am friends with many of the bartenders. Plus, its got an open kitchen, its a nice central location & its something different to do. Heather, the manager, assures me there will be drink & food specials.

The game against the Bengals will be back at The Brownstone.

Time to show your Philly Pride this week. Now we get to see who are the bandwagon fans are and the real fans. Also, expect that this game will be a "statement" game by the Eagles. Remember when Donnie went down and Detmer/Feeley stepped it up against San Francisco two years ago? I'm sure that the Eagles are going to want to let the rest of the NFL know that they are the team to beat with or WITHOUT T.O..

Game is Monday night vs St. Louis - 9pm. Be there or jump off the wagon. We are going to the Super Bowl, dammit!


So. . . Was this Tara Reid picture taken pre or post Tom Brady?

Pre-- Shockey -Pre Kyle Boller her lastest -- she loves the football players -- oh wait --sorry --she loves anything with a _ _ _ _ and can keep here in alcohol!!!!

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