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I'm tired of the drama. What gets me about the drama in my life is that I seriously aim to do "the right thing". Somehow, it all gets messed up. I'll give you an example.

Fantasy football. My league of 12 owners, we set up rules for it last August. One of those rules was that we would have top 8 teams make the playoffs (2 conferences, 6 teams in each, top 4 play each other round 1 & 2 - round 3 is conference winner for Super Bowl). They would be first ranked on regular season record, conference record, and points forced. In week 12 - the first person started to complain saying that it should be regular season record, points forced, and conference record.

I try to do the right thing - I want to keep everyone happy, and I allow a vote for it. Then someone else pipes up claiming the vote is unfair, and we made the rules in August and should stick to those. So I decided, as commissioner, that we stick to the rules which were made in August - all the owners were invited to this meeting to decide on what was fair. Everyone gets ruffled feathers (in one way or another) and i'm looking like the bad guy. Either i'm the bad guy for not making better rules in August or the bad guy for entertaining the idea of a vote so late in the season to change the rules. All I wanted was a fun league.

Another example of drama was my trip to Las Vegas 2003. This is worth writing about in a whole different seperate post. Suffice to say there was anger, betrayal, gossip, rumors, drug-busts, getting thrown out of clubs, panic attacks and friendships ruined over that trip.

The problem with Hoboken is rumors which cause drama.

A lot of things happen not based on fact, but based on when people put 2+2 together (some facts and some rumors or second-hand information) and come up with 5. Or facts that get twisted into a vision of reality that just simply doesn't exist.

Another problem is everyone talks in this town.

Cheating on your girlfriend? Someone knows.

Have a coke problem? Someone knows.

Badmouthing a "friend"? Someone knows.

The worst part? Is that just because "someone knows" doesn't mean that its always 100% accurate. Maybe someone saw you walk into a bathroom where other people were doing coke and you came out with them - doesn't mean you were doing lines. Just because you walked out of a bar with a certain guy or girl - doesn't mean you slept with them. If someone claims "So-and-So told me..." maybe they don't have their facts 100% straight.

All too often the "Walks like a duck. Quacks like a duck. Its a duck." principle gets used. I had a friend tell me "I'm not stupid! I know what's going on!"

Unless someone gets their facts straight, they don't know what's going on.

I am happy that the current drama of the week came to a peaceful conclusion. Unfortunately, as one person mentioned "the damage is done". Oh well, life goes on.


If you didn't have drama dear-- your life would be boring!!!

Furey, my friend, you say "the problem with Hoboken is the rumors which cause drama". Now, being a BNR in Hoboken, I must come to it's defense. Not based on hometown pride, but more accurately, the reasons why it exsists. Mainly, it's because there are a bunch of people crammed into this town from all over the world. Right? We all have "friends" from Ireland, England and Canada, as well as neighboring and distant states. And what happenes? They all congregate at their favorite bar and talk about people. I've heard it with my own ears. I've directly heard, from people's lips to my ears, things that just aren't true. Sometimes I've said things in defense, sometimes not. I figure people aren't satisfied in their own lives and feel the need to bring down others, probably to compensate for their own insecurities. God forbid somebody is doing something good or nice, and it be as simple as that. I've learned my lessons months ago and can't deal with that shit anymore. Fuck 'em. Remember this Furey, and take it to bed with you at night: In 20 years from now, see where you are and see where they are. As long as you can get up in the morning, look in the mirror and feel good about yourself.......... fuck 'em!!!!

In my opinion drama makes life interesting. Mostly I like to watch the drama between others then sit around at the bar and gossip and trade rumors about it. It completely amuses me. Being involved in it is a bit different. But still, nothing has to be that dramatic and once someone remembers that the whole situation usually calms down. IMO drama is only as big as you let it get. So don't worry about the drama in Hoboken, it's not really real anyway. Next time, just laugh it off. The more serious you take it the worse you look.

On another note though sometimes people really do know what's going on, even though it's hearsay.

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