10 Random things that I miss from childhood...

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1. Popcorn popped in the fireplace.
2. Hot chocolate on a cold, snowy day - especially after a snowball fight or a sled ride.
3. The feeling after you got off the school bus on the last day of summer vacation - it was like you won the lottery.
4. Being chased by Leia's 7 Afgan hound puppies, who want nothing more than nip at your shoelaces and lick your face.
5. Rollerskating in the cul-de-sac in front of our Richboro house in Tanyard Farms. We used to make it our "roller rink" - we would set up a boom box to play our music & get lunch from WaWa. My favorite - Ham & Cheese (white, not yellow - thank you) on a round deli roll with yellow mustard.
6. Playing every sport known to man, and some invented by us.
7. "Pool Hopping" - warm summer night, and you climb someone's fence and slip into their pool to cool off. Alternatively, everyone rushes the neighbor's pool, doing cannonballs into them and running away when they turn the lights on after waking up.
8. Dad coming home from one of his office trips and giving all the kids presents from whatever city he visited.
9. Lying outback on a cool, spring morning on the patio couch. The cushins were black, and would absorb the sunlight and get toasty. So it was like lying on a warm bed, it would feel great for about 10 minutes.
10. Making toy rockets & firing them far into the sky. I was doing stuff like this at 11 years old, I couldn't imagine a parent letting an 11 year old now-a-days do that on their own. My rockets would go about 500 feet into the air, deploy a parachute, and land safely (depending on wind speed - many a day running across fields chasing those things!).

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