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Finally over the hump - the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl bound!

How does it feel? I'm actually a mix of emotions, but the most overwhelming feeling is relief.

I'm relieved that we got that monkey off our back. The last 3 years of listening to Eagle-haters and co-workers who gave me grief is over.

Win or lose for the Super Bowl - we can finally say we won the "big game" and are able to get to the final one.

What an amazing game. The Eagles defense stepped it up and held Falcons to a mere 10 points. The Eagles offense, which was written off after T.O. went down, scored a solid 27 points. No one can call this game "lucky" - we beat the Falcons on both sides of the ball, with our offense and defense.

This was a complete game and a methodical win. We took away Vick's running game, and he proved that he could not win with his arm. I look at Vick and see Donovan McNabb in the early stages of his career. I think the Falcons are going to be a dangerous team in the future and this won't be our last post-season meeting in quite some time.

I'm very excited because, if you didn't know, i'm going to Jacksonville.

Yep. I was confident that the Eagles were going to win it, and I bought the ticket 3 weeks ago on Continental. I don't have a Super Bowl ticket, I plan on going down there and winging it. I don't care, I just want to be in the city for this game - its been 24 years since we had this shot and I figure that I better take advantage of it now while i'm young and single.

I know my father is looking down upon this game with a sense of pride and I know he is happy for me. Our one major bond was Philadelphia sports and talking about the Eagles over the years was one of our favorite subjects. I emailed my friend Brad before all the games started and told him my dad was going to make this our year:

Me: "The fix is in. We are going to the Super Bowl."
Brad: "Well, I hope so."
Me: "No, I know it. The fix is in. Frank is taking care of it."
Brad: "That would be great."

There was a sense of calm I had before this game. In years past, I felt nervous - but this year I was very relaxed (but excited) about everything. Last year I had nightmares of the Eagles losing to Carolina, and it came true.

This year I felt like we should win, and was confident but also wary of prior disappointments.

I'm happy for the city of Philadelphia and its long enduring fans. We deserved this after so many years of the NFC Championships, and wonderful seasons.

In two weeks and i'm off to Jacksonville to watch my Eagles face either the Patriots or the Steelers.



I'm really, really glad for the Eagles. Except that they're about to be humiliated on a larger stage.

Sorry fella. Had to be said. I feel for ya - as a Red Sox fan from way, way back, I know what it is to be left waiting at the altar. Fact is, your team's about to face one of the great football organizations in history, along the lines of the great legendary Packers, Cowboys, and 49er dynasties of their times. This is the Patriots' time.

And there ain't no fixin' it. But, enjoy the game!

Redsoxs fan --- I hear ya - I even went to game 1 and 7 against the Yankees and cheered for your team-- I don't think it is right that everyone assumes the Eagles will fall under the bus--



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