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I got an email on 12/31 from Kristen:

"Wanted to know if you'd be interested in going to see a taping of Last Call with Carson Daly on Tuesday the 4th. Don Cheadle (Ocean's 11/12 and the new movie Rwanda) and one of your "Lost" boys, Ian Somerhalder are his guests...."

My response:

"Hell ya"

Props to Kristen, its a very cool idea. Come on - how often do you go out to see a TV show in NYC? I'll bet some people reading have never done it. If you haven't now you get to see why more people should avoid doing this - at least with Carson's show.

We get to the show at NBC studios on 50th street, next to Rockefeller Center. I was early, went to Morell's Wine Bar and had a glass of $11 wine that was really worth $3. Walked over to the rink and watched some of the people ice stake. Interestingly enough a man got down on his one knee and proposed to another girl in the middle of the rink. The crowd went wild, with clapping and whistling. I'm not sure if that was terribly original, but i'm sure to some people it was romantic. To me, it was a bit cheesy to do something like that in public. But, then again, it was better than proposing to your girlfriend while watching a Villanova vs Rutgers game on your couch (Hi Brian!).


After Mr. Unoriginal did his thing at the rink I met Kristen at the studio. We get in line and wait.




The ticket say for us to be in line by 6:15. We were there by 6pm and there was a line of about 100 young adults all under the age of 30. I wasn't sure if the kids were going to expose me so I tried to make sure I broke out my old school lingo and slouched a lot. I think I fooled them. Plus I used our wait in line to make fun & observe the following things:

1) I don't want to be *too* judgemental, but i'm kind of curious why a person would become a page at NBC. Are you working your way up to the mailroom? Just a thought.

2) We waited in line for about an hour and a half before we were allowed to enter the studio. Green Day was the musical guest, and played the first Carson show. Our musical guest? Gheto Boys (Its one "T", thank you very much) from Houston, Texas! Its like saying would you like a filet mignon or a sloppy joe?

3) Waiting in line makes me cranky & even more obnoxious than normal. The entire time in line I was cracking jokes and trying to make Kristin and anyone in earshot laugh. No one could escape my sarcasm. At least I was able to entertain myself during this time.

We get to the studio, and they sit us down. They explain how we are to have energy when we clap and to laugh - basically be as false as possible even if we don't like something. They never really announce this but Don Cheadle isn't on the program. No reason mentioned, we just find out that its Ian Somerhalder & some half-assed comedian.

So not only did we miss Green Day - but we lost Cheadle? Great.

Carson came on and briefly talked to the audience. I'm not a big Carson fan, but I have to admit that the guy has charisma and is good with an audience. Unfortunately Carson had to deal with us - a tired and unruly crowd.

No matter how much the crowd wrangler guy tried, the audience was simply tired from waiting in line - and our clapping and cheering wasn't that loud. Some people didn't even clap, just did a half hearted "Woo" sound. You could tell that Carson knew we were all pissed he made a comment like, "Don't worry this won't be painful and will all be over before you know it..." - the guy was on the money, no one really was digging this.

Carson does his monologue and its ok. He brings on Ian Somerhalder from Lost. Did I mention that Lost is my favorite show? Did I also mention that Ian Somerhalder is my least favorite character of the show? No? Well, now you know.

Ian is about as interesting as a going to a rock concert wearing wool underwear. Sure, you may enjoy what you are hearing but you are uncomfortable being there. Ok - neato, you are watching Mr. Ex-Model Turned TV actor talking about how hard his life was & how crazy Milan and London was at 17 while he is avoiding any discussion about how much pussy he is getting. Ian needed to sit there and just start describing what kind of mad tail he was getting and everyone would have been lovin' it.

No, watch the show it will be on Thursday 1/13.

Then, after Ian we get the half-assed comedian.

I think i'm fairly funny at the right moment. I have driven people into fits of laughter, especially when I was between the ages of 13-17 and would go to the beach with my shirt off. Ethiopians would mock me.

Back to the story - this guy, frankly, had one good joke. I think people were laughing out of pity. Fortunately we had to sit through his lame ass attempts for about 2 minutes. Actually I take that back, he did make me laugh with one joke about the "lesbian bookstore".

Again, watch the show.

Then it was time for Gheto Boys. This is when Kristin and I make our move.

They take the audience from the upper tier of the show, and bring them down to the floor, to gather around the stage to watch the musical act perform. I had ZERO interest in watching these tools. I never heard of them - and also the show sucked when Don Cheadle cancelled.

I notice that on our way to the floor that there were no underpaid NBC pages monitoring us. Also a few other audience members were sort of edging their way towards the elevators. So I announced:

"Lets make a break for it!"

A gang of audience members quickly walk down the hallway towards the elevators, while i'm telling Kristen to "make a diversion" for our prison break.

That got a few laughs.

We get to the elevator and are waiting for it to arrive. When we hear a shrill voice from the end of the hall:

"Carson Daly audience members? Carson Daly audience members???"

The Alpha Page caught us.

"Oh, no i'm sorry you aren't allowed to leave! You have to watch the musical guest. The elevators aren't working and we don't have enough pages to monitor those who want to leave. Please follow me back.", she said.

We are wrangled back to the rest of the prisioners, err audience members and I loudly complain, "We should have lied and told her we were from accounting."

Big laughs.

So I see how far I can push this.

I turn to Kristin, "I'm doing better than that crappy comedian they got, I should have been on stage."

Kristen said, "Are you trying to be as obnoxious as possible to get us kicked out?".

Why, yes I was.

Sadly, it didn't work. We were dragged down the stairs kicking and screaming and put on to the floor to watch the band do their thing. They weren't as bad as I expected, look for me on the floor if the camera got me next to the two very large black guys in track suits. I'll stand out like a sore J. Crew thumb. If, for some reason i'm caught on TV - you will see me there with a disgruntled look on my face while watching the Boys rap. But I still gave the obligatory white boy head nodding to the music like I leared in my ghetto - PA in the house!

After the music - they release us from this painful experience. Next time I go there I will follow these rules if i'm not enjoying myself:

1) Had a few more drinks before going in, i'm sure it will be much more fun.
2) Follow the advice of the E-ticket from NBC stated that we should have dressed like "We were going out to a club". I would have broke out some more hair gel, worn my Diesel distressed jeans and a large collared dress shirt with a funky pattern - the standard look of every Hoboken guy this winter.
3) If a guest like Cheadle isn't on just jump up and complain "We've been had!" and storm out demanding my money back even if the tickets were free.
4) Heckle Carson from the upper tier saying "Bring out Tara!"
5) Do my best Bruce Springsteen / Courtney Cox "Dancing in the Dark" dance in front of the stage - no matter who the musical guest was. White man overbite would be optional.

It was painful, but sort of fun at the same time - a novel kind of thing that you don't do very often. Like when you screw a girl "some place very uncomfortable".

What, like in the back of a Volkswagen?


Furey -- sorry darlin but here you go. Carson Daly?! With that age group --you must have been looking for the future Mrs. Furey -- but I bet the parents that took them there were more your age. As for your special Eagles fan that you have pictured on your previous blog - she did Carson too!!!!! Who didn't she bang!!!!! I have to say I wonder about you sometimes??!! :)

Actually many famous people were pages for NBC. In fact it is an extremely tough job to get. Here are some examples of past pages...

Richard Benjamin, Regis Philbin, Ken Howard, Michael Eisner, Dave Garroway, Eva Marie Saint, Gordon MacRae, Efram Zimbalist, Jr., Kate Jackson, Don Galloway, Willard Scott, Earl Wrightson, Tex Antoine, Bob Howard, Bob Keeshan, Ted Koppel - the list is much longer. Roone Arledge was a floor manager.

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