Philly's Cheesesteaks replaces Jake's

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There was a restaurant in town called Jake's, which tried to make their own version of the Philly cheesesteak. Sadly, they didn't get it quite right.

  • They tried sirlion meat, when Philly uses rib-eye.

  • They tried carmelized onions, when Philly uses regular onions.

  • They tried special ciabatta bread, when Philly likes their Amoroso's.

  • They tried to serve a steak with a lot of bread and a little meat.

Cheesesteaks are a religion with the Philly born and bred - you don't make radical changes to our religion and expect the faithful to genuflect. They rebel. They get angry. They avoid your business.

I spoke to one of the new owners today, named Sean. He bought out Jake's and has a new vision for the place:

  • Get the same meat that Jim's and Geno's uses.

  • Get bread like they have in Philly (have you tried Hoboken bread - there are some very delicious bakeries around, it can't be that hard!).

  • Throw out the carmelized onions, get regular fried onions.

  • Serving up a steak with more meat than Jake's.

What does this all mean to you? Maybe someone finally got it right. Sean is from Bala Cynwyd. Went to the Prep in his high school years. He knows what a steak is all about. If this translates into this town finally being coverted to the religion of Cheesesteaks - not sure. I'm looking at the new menu that Sean emailed me - its all about the Cheesesteaks.

Oh, one other thing they will have is italian hoagies.

NOT HERO'S! Yea, hoagies are invading Hoboken!

The store, which will be renamed to "Philly's Cheesesteaks", is set to open up Wednesday or Thursday. I'm excited, especially that the Eagles this weekend play Vikings - I need to get my Philly fuel for the game.

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