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I walked over to Philly's Steaks last night, after going to the gym.

Its sort of hard to figure out a cheesesteak into a diet when you are trying to watch what you eat - but for the sake of curiousity, I went inside.

If you have been to Jake's before, nothing much has changed except for a new peach paint on the walls and they got rid of the "Jake" cartoon character from the place.

One of the owners was working the register and the other owner was doing some "finishing touches" - like putting up the menu & helping customers.

I ordered a pizza steak with provolone (not mozzarella), and fried onions. Chatted with the owner at the register, but I didn't get his name. I made fun of the fact that he was from Philly and was wearing a NY Yankees cap. Traitor!

Lo and behold in walked a friend of mine, Brian G. Brian was on the email list that I sent out and is a fan of cheesesteaks. He had his super cute 6 month old Ridgeback with him - Fenway.

For the record, he named the dog Fenway BEFORE the Red Sox championship. The pup got the nickname before the series of "Fenway the Rally Puppy".

Fenway was a bit skittish at first, but she is a very pretty pooch. Makes me want to get a dog, but I don't think its 100% fair in my current situation to get a dog...I don't want to coop up a dog in a crate for hours a day. Plus waking up 30 minutes earlier to walk a dog before work would be a nightmare for someone with my sleeping habits.

On to the steak....

The roll is much better for cheesesteaks, its soft and chewy with a slight buttery hint. Plus they were so melt in your mouth kind of freshess that I love about Hoboken breads.

The meats, I think could use a dash of kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. I told one of the owners via email that suggestion this morning - but they are leaning towards not adding salt and pepper in case the consumer wants to control their own salt intake. I wasn't suggesting a TON of salt - just a dash.

The marinara was a simple tomato based sauce, no real frills there.

The onions were NORMAL fried onions, not the sweet carmelized kinds that aggravated everyone. Well done.

If you haven't visited Philly's yet - it only just opened up. I can't wait to grab a cheesesteak this Sunday and watch the Birds fight the Vikings.


Thanks, man. I went there when they first opened and was sorely disappointed. I'll have to hit them up for lunch today.

These cheesesteaks are FABULOUS. Everyone should go there NOW.

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