Pictures of Jacksonville

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2-05- 029.jpg
Jacksonville Landing - right by the waters edge in downtown Jacksonville. It was a nippy 40 degrees that night - we should have just played the Super Bowl in Philadelphia, instead.

2-05- 039.jpg
I loved these guys. Rabbit Man and his daughter were working the crowd on Saturday Night. The girl was adorable, she got up on stage and danced later.

2-05- 040.jpg
Eagle fans owned Jacksonville. Well, at least on Saturday night.

2-05- 032.jpg
Rabbit Girl dancing with everyone.

2-05- 052.jpg
Joe, eat your heart out. Martin and I should be hanging out next week, since we are buddies now. Hope you had fun at the Playboy Party. Maybe, unlike you - i'll throw an invite your way so you can meet your God.

2-05- 065.jpg
Imagine if there were about 8 diners in Hoboken and you can understand the domination of Waffle Houses in Jacksonville.

2-05- 015.jpg

This picture is deceptive. My room actually looks fairly nice in the photo. It wasn't this good.

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Dude, I admit, I am jealous.


I updated my site, go check out the new pics. My site has Playboy Bunnies. So there!!

Please feel free to leave a comment. Joe

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