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This blog first started with the idea that I would make an Eagles website for fans living in Hoboken. Then, I just canned that idea because I barely have enough time coming up with creative ideas for my blog.

After living in Hoboken the last 10 years, and being an Eagles fan, I used to spend my days at The Farside bar, watching the game with the regulars. Since I was behind enemy lines, my game was usually with no sound - and I had to endure years of a crappy Eagles team and the ridicule that came with it.

About two years ago when I was bartending at Dipper's, I was always thinking about making it a "Eagles Bar", but never went through with it. I seriously never thought we would get that many people into the bar, and I didn't think the owners would like that so much since he was a Redskins fan.

Last summer I told a friend of mine about my ideas, and it turned out that McMahons Brownstone would be a good fit for the idea that I had: Find a bar that was willing to show the Eagles games with sound (instead of the Giants or Jets) and make it an "Eagles Bar". Organize a bunch of people, get them to one bar in town & take over the place with a sea of Eagles green. The idea morphed from an "Eagles Bar" into trying to promote an "Eagles Club" (and not necessarily tied down to the Brownstone - we did Monday Night Football at different bars).

We had a good time at the Brownstone, it was a win-win situation. The Eagles fans got their bar, and the Brownstone got more customers. The owner, was extremely grateful and we got to talking to each other last Saturday night.

He asked me what my plans were for next season with the club.

I first thanked him for last season. I told him how great the staff treated us, and that everyone in the club were generally pleased with last season. But, I also told him what I had told other people - that there were other interested bars in town, who wanted the Eagles club for the next season.

The owner asked that I speak to him in the "off-season" and we can disuss what changes the bar can make to make next season even better (he mentioned things like a projection TV & food specials). He said that if we could come to some kind of agreement to keep the club at McMahon's - great. If not - then we walk away as friends and he would thank me for what I did for his bar last season.

First, I thought that was a class act move by the owner. Like I said before this was a "win-win" situation for everyone - I promised to help promote his bar for Eagles games on Sundays, and I think it worked out well. There would be no reason for any hardship if I moved the club, because I completed what I promised - to bring his bar more business last season.

At the end of the day - i'm really a person who wants to keep everyone happy. I have members of the club who told me about things they didn't like about the Brownstone set up (seating, bigger TVs, better TV reception, better sound, a full menu, a central bar location, fixed drink specials). I discreetly inquired to see if other bars were interested in our business - some were, and some were not.

As for next season, its still up in the air. But I do hope to make a decision before June so the word can get out to everyone on where the club will be next season. Even if we move - have been told that Brownstone would welcome back all Eagle fans again no matter what! I think the owner is simply a smart businessman who, like me, wants to keep everyone pleased.

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