The Kiss of Death

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I am starting to think i'm the new jinx of jinxes.

I went to watch the Sixers vs Knicks last night, after Kathy (whom I met from the Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken) scored free tickets to the game.

I told her during the game that my current record, over the last 2 years of watching any Philadelphia sporting event (live) is (0-8).

0-8. Think about that. Everytime in the last 8 games of any team I wanted to watch win - they lost. Here is a recap, from memory...

Sixers at Knicks (2005) - Sixers lose.
Eagles vs Pats (2005) - Eagles lose.
Phillies at Mets (2004) - Phillies lose.
Flyers at Devils (2003) - Flyers lose.
Eagles vs Pats (2003) - Eagles lose.
Eagles vs Tampa Bay (2002) - Eagles lose.
Flyers at Devils (2002) - Flyers lose.
Phillies at Mets (2002) - Phillies lose.

My last victory that I remember? In 2001 I was at Eagles at Giants, where they won 10 to 9.

Suffice to say Kathy has now banned me from watching any more games with her. She accused me of jinxing the Smarty Jones loss at Belmont last year.

I have to get out of this funk. Even BEFORE my losing streak I have a tremendous amount of losses under my belt when I watch sporting events in person. I can honestly say that in watching about 20 events I think I saw my teams win about 5-7 games.

Remember when Eagles played Cardinals in 2001? The Eagles are winning the game, and its the 4th quarter and Plummer with no timeouts waltzes down the field and wins the game. Yep, I was there.

Phillies played the Yankees a few years ago - I was there to watch the humiliation.

I only sat down this morning trying to think back to all the games I have attended and how many of them have been losses.

This is horrible. Of course if any New York fans would like to give me more free tickets to bring the curse with them in person - I will be happy to oblige.


I saw the Sox lose to the Cards, the Reds, and the Mets, in 7-game World Series.The Mets loss was of course particularly humiliating. I also saw the favored Bruins lose to the Flyers and Canadiens in Stanley Cup playoffs.

In those instances, all New England felt somehow to blame. Everyone owned a piece of it, we were loserville and so on. With the baseball losses we bore the additional indignity of piling-on by the New York media giants. Don't know if that's overall better or worse than an individual jinx.

The pall cast by coming so close and losing was of an entire different nature than, say, the Patriots of those years. They could be dismissed as bums. At the same time, it was of scant comfort that the Celtics had amassed an incredible record of excellence over the years. They could be dismissed as a fluke.

Somewhere in there is a snapshot of human nature.

Damn Furey!!!! I was at that Cardinals game too-- I think we should experiment--we shall see if the Philly teams do well if you don't attend any in person for the next year???!!!! Just kidding--but I still can't believe the Sixers lost to the Knicks --the Knicks one of the worst teams out there!!!!!! uggg

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