The Winter of Discontent

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It's Groundhog Day!

Phil and I are a bit alike, I think. Two, single bachelors living in an urban jungle. Being very irritated when we are slumbering and someone wakes us up. My hair is as nearly as thick as fur, which Big Jack, regular barfly from the Midtown Triangle, told me once. This guy in the hat kind of looks like Jack, actually...
So I got that goin' for me.

Six more weeks of winter. That isn't so bad, considering that winter technically started about 2 weeks ago - it was 66 degrees one day during the first week in January!

It seems like every year has been the same winter for me - at least with the Eagles.

They have a tremendous regular season, I get very excited for the post season and i'm let down.

I'm hoping this will not be another winter of our discontent.

The trip to Jacksonville is coming up. I'm really not as jazzed about it as I thought I would be. Don't get me wrong - i'm very excited for the game, but I think what is irritating me is that i'm not looking forward to going to JACKSONVILLE itself.

Everything I heard about the city makes it sound like some backwater town. Now, i'm sure with about 200,000 new visitors it should get somewhat more interesting - but I have already heard horror stories from the media who have been down there since Monday.

Different kind of tales, from overpriced hotels to expensive taxi rides to a sub-standard feeling from the media that this city isn't quite "Super Bowl Material". Give me San Diego, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Tampa - even Dallas!


I guess it could be worse, next year the Super Bowl is in Detroit! Who the hell wants to be in that city during the dead of winter?

I leave on Friday...returning Monday...hopefully I will snap a bunch of pictures...

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Among your SuperBowl locale alternatives, you forgot to mention New Orleans. For years, New Orleans was far and away the favorite locale for players going to the SB, in fact, it was kind of the reward on top of the reward for making it to the Big Show.

I am making a mention of this post in my own blog.

Mr. Snitch

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