Eagles Pre-Draft Positional Analysis

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Ok Eagles fans - its been 36 days since The Game.

Lets not talk about The Game. What happens in Jacksonville...well it doesn't stay in Jacksonville it gets replayed OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I HAVE WATCHED THIS FUCKING GAME ABOUT 5 TIMES ON TIVO...

Ok, wait. I'm fine. I'm fine. Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean. Ah, much better.

This is Furey's Pre-Draft Spotlight. April 23-24 is the draft, and i'm excited because its always fun to see what new and exciting players we get. Here are our draft picks:

1st Round - 31st Overall

2nd Round - 35th Overall (from Miami)
2nd Round - 63rd Overall

3rd Round - 77th Overall (from Kansas City)
3rd Round - 94th Overall

4th Round - 132nd overall

5th Round - 146th overall (from Washington)
5th Round - 167th overall
5th Round - 172nd overall*
6th Round - 211th overall*

7th Round - 245th overall
7th Round - 247th overall*
7th Round - 252nd overall*
* = Compensation pick, CANNOT BE TRADED

Here are my thoughts on what positions the Eagles need to address, as of now, due to free-agency losses, injuries and releases:

Burgess leaving for the Raiders wasn't a huge loss, let's see how long until he gets injured again. This is a position that we may need to address now; it will be hard to gamble on McDougle and find out he is a bust or not. On the other hand our Defensive Ends fare much better than our Defensive Tackles - especially with Simon's departure looming on the horizon.

Ike Reese was a big heart of the team, but his skills were good, not great. Again, this is replaceable in the draft (the skills, that is). I'm glad to have Trotter back, but still worried about his knees.

Mayberry was good, but we have Andrews we drafted last year to replace him (Andy said that Andrews is our "future at tackle") - and Andrews should develop into a dominant force on the line. I'm sure we will hit another OL early in the draft because of Runyan's & Tre Thomas's age and salary.

Realistically we lost 3 good players. We have 9 draft picks to replace them. I think we are fine. I'm hoping we draft these positions, in no particular order:

OG - the line is long in the teeth and we need to think of the future, now.

LB - Eagles NEVER draft a LB is what I always hear. But i'd grab one now with Nate Wayne & Ike Reese leaving. If Trotter went down with an injury - what do we have to replace him with?

RB - Eagles gave Buck one last chance to prove himself with a 2-year deal. I'd like to see them grab a "project back". We need two things here: 1) In case Westbrook can't sign a reasonable deal, maybe we have a prospect waiting. 2) We certainly need a safety-back if Buckhalter injures again - we can't rely on Dorsey Levens.

FB - We need someone to pop open those holes for Westy, lets get another FB in there to replace Ritchie (who I doubt will return). Josh Parry is ok, but could use a challenge here. Plus a good FB can help special teams.

DB - grab a secondary player / punt returner to help the team out with J.R. Reed's injury.

WR - never hurts to grab another WR to challenge the receiving corps. Plus always good for special teams.

QB - believe it or not, one secret of coaches is that they like to have depth at QB and they like to train new QBs. Tom Brady was like a 6th round pick, along with Marc Bulger - for example.

TE - Chad Lewis is gone - we need more depth here and a challenge to L.J. Smith.

DT - With Simon leaving next year and with our DEs taken care of - we certainly should look for some help here if Simon leaves the nest.

If all the positions i'd pick were of equal strength this is the order that I would pick:

Day 1: RB, DT, TE, OG, WR,

Day 2: LB, FB, DB, CB, QB, OT, LB, SS

Everyone talks about "trading up" and we have done it now for 2 years...I still say just pick the best position available and half the draft picking is luck. Here is an email I sent to a friend about the Browns (written on philly.com):

Courtney Brown (if released) will be the third underachieving first-round draft pick cut loose by the Browns in the last eight months. Before last season, the Browns released quarterback Tim Couch, the expansion team's No. 1 pick in 1999. Defensive tackle Gerard Warren, the No. 3 overall pick in 2001, was traded to Denver this month for a fourth-round pick.

3 years with the #1 pick and the Browns can't get talent. Go figure.

Feel free to post what positions YOU think the Eagles need to address.

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