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In town, there are minor celebrities all over the place.

Of course the biggest, is Frank Sinatra, who while dead, is still the soul of old school Hoboken.

We also have Danny Aiello, who 95% of the time can be seen within 10 yards of Tutta Pasta. The guy must live there. Also, for the record, Danny is very friendly to everyone and a class act.

Artie Lange, from the Howard Stern Show, lives in the Tea Building. Normally he can be found at City Bistro, and he is beyond drunk everytime I saw him. I think last time I saw him he was having an animated conversation with himself.

Eli Manning & Jeremy Shockey are said to live in town, but I haven't seen them on the street. I had some photo evidence that Eli is a lightweight not only ON the field but OFF the field.

Imagine my surprise when today, while walking up Washington Street - I see three of my friends on a billboard, advertising Coors Light. Heather, Lauren and Maria wearing black Coors Light t-shirts, holding Coors Light bottles all towering over the sidewalk on 2nd and Washington Street - here is the picture...


Heather, Lauren and Maria could be the three hottest bartenders in Hoboken, and they all work at Dipper's. Heather is a sweetheart, one of the most beautiful people I know - inside and out. Lauren was a former child model who I have known for years, and has a penchant for playing "Hangman" while drinking. Maria is a wonderful person and full of life, always quick to laugh (sometimes at my expense) and always ready to defend her honor with a good right hook (feel free to ask her about that story). Sorry fellas, all three are very much in relationships. But feel free to stop by the bar on 6th and Washington and throw money at them to make them like you. Just remember my tips on how to act in a bar.

I admit that i'm shocked - they are larger than life, over the streets of Hoboken.


U.S. Senator John Corzine also keeps a bachelor pad at the Tea Building. I guess the Hoboken Reporter should start a Page Six.

You need to check your facts. Artie Lange does not live in the Tea Building, he lives in the South Constitution.

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