If I Had A Million Dollars

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If I had a million dollars - if I had a million dollars
Well, I'd buy you a house - I would buy you a house
And if I had a million dollars - if I had a million dollars
I'd buy you furniture for your house - maybe a nice chesterfield or an ottomanAnd if I had a million dollars - if I had a million dollars
Well, I'd buy you a K-Car - a nice Reliant automobileAnd if I had a million dollars I'd buy your love

We all dream that little dream when we see the NY State lotto commericals or Mega Millions peaks over 100 million. We buy the ticket and dream, "What if..."

My dreams are of course very selfish and self centered. But for fun, this is what I actually think about if I fell into a windfall of money...

Would I stay in Hoboken?

Part of me thinks it would be cool to buy a brownstone and trick it out like something out of "Real World", making the ultimate guy house. 1st floor would be like a local pub - kitchen, bar, pool table, dart board and Golden Tee. Second floor would be the living room, with a jacuzzi. Third floor would be the bedroom.

Then again I think it would be silly to stay in Hoboken if I had that much money - New York would be a blast when you are rich, going out to nightclubs, bars and restaurants each night. Why would you want to schelp back to Hoboken at the end of the night? I would want to get a place around Prince and Broadway, I love that part of the city I think it just is so alive with a buzz about it.

Conversely I think - why would I want to be in the cold? I should get a condo in Los Angeles or Florida for the winter and NYC or Hoboken for summer. That would be my ideal solution. I also toy with the idea of having a flat in London & a condo in New York. Or maybe a villa in Italy.

What would be the first big ticket item you would buy?

Hmmm. Have to be a nice ride. I'd probably get a Range Rover SUV for day-to-day things & certainly something like a 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago convertible for fun.

What would you do with the rest of your life?

Depending on how much money I had I narrowed down my three choices that appeal to me:

a) Owning a bar or nightclub.
b) Working in the computer gaming industry. Blizzard would have a new majority investor who would immediately nurf all shamans in WoW.
c) Writing/Producing movies.

I know that if I didn't do anything for a living, that I would easily fall into the same trap of what most of my vacations are about - staying up late and sleeping all day. I would be a vampire. A nerdy vampire that plays computer games all night, but a vampire nonetheless.

What would you do with all the winnings besides buying things?

I don't know how, but before I get the lottery ticket I would want to start a corporation or something, so that I could include my family in the winnings. I would give 10% to each of my siblings and mother, while keeping the other 60% - i'm sure a good accountant and lawyer can figure out a way to do this and protect my investments at the same time. I would certainly donate money to my highschool and college, in a scholarship fund in our family name. Give 1-2 million to each school and one student per year gets a full or partial scholarship. I'd also donate to a Multiple Sclerosis charity.

What about travelling?
Aside from where I choose to live, I certainly would want to go to the following destinations, in no particular order:

  1. London - I was there at 16, but i'd like to go back again.
  2. Paris - Last visit I was there at 20, next visit i'd like to go and bring a romantic interest...
  3. Greece - I could totally do many, many weeks of visiting ruins and islands. I love history and Greek culture I find fascinating.
  4. Far East - I certainly would want to spend a solid month here, travelling around and trying the various foods and historial sites of Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, etc.
  5. Australia - very cool people, I always dream of just taking a month and learning to surf & snorkel in Australia.
  6. Scandinavia - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden aren't high on many people's lists, but i'd absolutely go here during the early summer months, I heard its beautiful.
  7. Caribbean - I could absolutely love getting a yacht and sailing around the islands for a few months. With a high-powered wireless internet connection, of course.

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