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Another weekend, another story to add.

This weekend was the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Festival, which is celebrated each year on a pre-chosen Saturday before the actual St. Patrick's Day. They have a small parade, with firefighters, policemen, EMT workers, marching bands from local schools, the city officials and certain Hoboken dignitaries and VFW.

The bars have a very brisk business, with some lines outside of the popular watering holes lasting 2 hours.

Knowing this, and being a seasoned drinker, I decided to stay away from the bars and go to a house party that was thrown on 9th and Washington. I was invited by Lisa, a girl who I dated for about 2 months in 2002-2003.

There is a long back-story to Lisa, and I simply haven't written it yet. She reads this blog (hi Lisa!), and I warned her that some day that story would come to light. This is not that day.

The simple story about Lisa is that she and I are, well, attracted to each other. We very much enjoy each other's company. We dated, it was broken off by Lisa, because - like many of you readers may have experienced - the timing just wasn't right. She was the right person, wrong time.

Well, enough about that.

Lisa invited me to the party, at her apartment, which she shares with two dynamic roommates: Nicole and Krista. Nicole is Lisa's best friend, they have known each other for many years, and she has such an engaging and vibrant personality that overflows the cup of life.

Krista is a bit different, whereas her charisma certainly dominates a conversation, she also is extremely creative - it was her personal touch that was the catalyst in the design of the artistry of the apartment.

They all live on the 3rd floor of a Washington street walk-up, 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. I'll guess it�s about 900 square feet. The apartment also has a modest kitchen, plus a smallish family room which rounds out the apartment. It�s cozy and very Hoboken.

After I was invited to the party, I brought down my two roommates, Jon and Kristen. Jon just moved in about 6 weeks ago, replacing my old roommate of many years, John O. He is a great guy and once again my mad skills with picking roommates appears to have come through in the clutch.

Kristen and I have been roommates for over 6 months and I have learned a lot about her...things that I�m sure she wouldn't want me going into great detail here, since she, too, also reads this (hi Kristen!) blog. We chat a lot, and have a good chemistry as friends and as roommates. Of all my friendships that I have had over the years with my female roommates, she is the one I have grown closest. I brought her to Lisa's party with the idea of introducing Lisa's younger brother Thomas to her.

Also at the party were about 20-30 of the girl's friends and family. Susan, Lisa's older sister, was there with Leo, her new fianc� from Brazil. Leo just arrived the day before from his country and a large banner was displayed in the family room saying "Welcome Home Leo", amongst the green balloons and shamrocks.

The party started at 11am, but I never show up at a party when it begins - who wants to be FIRST to a party? I got my roommates over there just before noon, and wouldn't you know it - we still were the first people there.

The party itself got roaring only an hour later, and everyone was up for a good time. Kristen met Thomas, and she said that he was "pretty".

Jon and I were kind of confused about this, and we asked Kristen to explain the terminology of "pretty". She opined that he wasn't handsome or cute, he was "pretty" - which was to say his features were more boyish and not-rugged. I chimed in, "Ok, so what does that make me?� she quickly replied, "Oh, you�re handsome." Ego stroking is always nice from your female friends. :)

The party continued, and I have to say that everyone was super friendly and chatty with each other at the party. I have been to many parties where everyone kind of stays in their own social circles and not much mingling takes place. Not here...everyone was talking to everyone, strangers would engage in conversation and it was one of the more fun parties I attended in quite sometime.

The only black mark against the party was that Lisa had also invited a guy she had been dating, and recently broke up with, named "Fred". Fred isn't his real name, and since I really don't know the chap I won't go into details about him. I really didn't mind it at the time, but as the party continued, things got a bit dicey.

Someone suggested we play the infamous college card game "Asshole". We had about 16 people who all wanted to play, and we decided to pair into 8 teams of 2 people. Fred immediately picks Lisa as his teammate, and everyone else pairs off. I call out that I needed a partner and Susan joins me. The first round of cards is dealt, and it�s a free round to determine who will be the President, VP, Vice Asshole and Asshole. If you don't know the can read about it here.

We were dealt a decent hand, and I told Susan my strategy for winning the game. She agreed - and I won the game very quickly and was declared "President". Interestingly enough, "Fred" and Lisa were last - and were deemed Asshole.

This was a lot of fun, because I really got to stick it to Lisa. She was a good sport about it, and Fred was not. I started to bark out orders, for drinks and toasts to the co-Presidents. Lisa was telling me how she was going to get me back.

I, of course, had no intention of losing my pole position as president. As any seasoned drinking card game player will tell you - there is a great way to win at Asshole. Some of you may know how, and some of you may not. If you have played for a long time you know the secret strategy - because it�s the best way to win at the game. I showed Susan my secret - she turned beet-red and started to laugh.

I won the next round easily. The game disbanded after that because people were getting chatty again and the interest level waned.

After the game I got a phone call from Mel around 3pm. She called me and said that the bar she was at got shut down by the fire marshal, due to overcapacity. Everyone was forced to leave the bar - and the bouncers were collecting $10 from everyone they kicked out to re-enter (people who had been at the bar when it first opened at 10am). Another friend told me about different bar that was overcharging everyone - increasing the prices 50% and gouging the consumers.

So. Happy. I. Didn't. Go. Out.

I told her the party was fun and she should come over. She brought two mutual friends who were also at the bar with her. I was happy to get Mel over to the party, because she has been a good friend to me in the last couple of months.

The party continued, with a lot more drinking, and random people showing up. At one point 10 girls walk in to the party - invited off the street by guys from the party. Lisa said, "I have no idea who these people are...�

Kristen and Thomas hit it off. Normally I wouldn't "out" what happened, but it�s not like this was a secret - because they were going at it like feral rabbits at one point. They were kissing in the hallway, a bedroom, and eventually they just started to mack out in front of everyone in the family room. They are both two young 20-somethings, so we all laughed it off. Kristen told Jon and me, after the party, that while they were in the hallway, on the 3rd floor, they both fell down the stairs - tumbling head over heel down the stairs - because they were so drunk and pre-occupied with their kissing. Very funny.

Mel left the party around 8pm and the party eventually went to City Bistro later that night - around 9:30pm. The bar was about 3/4 full, with moderately drunk patrons. Lisa and I were flat out flirting with each other in the bar. Jon was dancing with a girl from England named Sarah (who was also at the party) - and they seemed to be digging each other. It was fun for the first 45 minutes...except that Fred was still kind of hanging around Lisa and I and even pulled her by the arm away from me when a certain song came on to get her to dance with him. Lisa pulled away and it did get "weird".

At the bar Fred wasn't enjoying the fact that Lisa and I were very much having a good time with each other. One of his friends, who I was chatting up at the party, pulled me aside:

"Furey, you are a great guy and I really like you - but I�m just giving you a heads up - Fred is pissed and I�m worried he is going to do something. I would very much suggest leaving now - he can be a bit crazy and may throw a punch."

I had zero intention of getting into a fight - I�m freaking too old for that stuff - plus I was having too good a day to mar it with a stupid bar fight. I went to the side of the bar and told Jon that there might be trouble - while I waved Lisa over to me.

I told Lisa the deal and she assured me that Fred wouldn't be the kind of guy to get into a fight because, as she said, "he knows that I would kick his ass". That made me laugh. She also apologized for putting me in an uncomfortable position with Fred - and realized now that it was a mistake to invite him to the party. Alcohol plus a broken heart usually leads to things like this.

It was midnight and after a long day of drinking Lisa and I both left our drinking group, to go elsewhere.

All in all it was a good weekend for everyone. Well, except Fred.

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Good for you Furey!!!

I know how drinking -- and odd twist of events came into play this weekend. The guy I dated for almost a year- as I have poured my heart out to you already about this --came lurking-- and as you know I put him back out on the curb--

Hope things work out for you :)

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