Resurrection Weekend: Villanova Loses

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I'm watching the game on Friday night, with Lisa - we decided to stay in, cook dinner (Creamy Chicken and Dumplings), and watch some Villanova basketball.

Woo, i'm a great date.

Actually we were up late Thursday at 66 and then dancing afterwards at some club in the meatpacking district. I have some interesting stories that can't go on the blog, but I got to meet a very important person in the world of finance who was nice enough to set us up with a table with champagne and a few bottle of booze at the club (he was a friend to one of the people at Lisa's party).


Ok, as for the Friday night horror movie we watched. Well, what needs to be said.

First what can be said is that I called this one. Go back to my Ed story and read what I said about Villanova:

"Because like all Philly teams they keep breaking your heart..."

Sure, I don't think anyone expected that Villanova was going to upset North Carolina - but those thoughts were gone when it was 21 to 9 and the Wildcats were hitting some crazy 3-point plays.

Lisa had a good, and noble take on it: "You have to be proud of your team playing so well."

Lisa isn't from Philly and therefore knows that noble ideals of "Good game" and "we will get em next time". Everyone else from Philly, like me, just sees another example of how a team from the Philadelphia area gets screwed/jinxed/cursed once again. Could it be William Penn's curse again?

It was Villanova's game to win, and they lost. It happens. One call by a ref doesn't mean that the game was going to swing our way - but certainly momentum was shifting towards Villanova.

I will try to be the more noble fan and agree that this is a young Nova team that will only be better next year.

Dear Lord, it just sounds like the same thing I say about the Eagles during the offseason. At least its only 26 days until the NFL Draft.

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