The HC: Hudson County

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(This was written 2 months ago...I found it under my entries and never published it...enjoy...)

Here is my first thought about a TV episode, similar to the "OC", but takes place in Hoboken, maybe 5 years later with an older, if not wiser, cast.

Three roommates are living together, Ryan, Seth and Marissa in a duplex.

Seth is upstairs, on his computer, in his room. Its 11:30pm, and he hears downstairs the sounds of people talking and music playing. Its a Wednesday night, and he has work the next day.

He waits a bit, still doing a few things before going to sleep, and fairly soon its 12:30. He begins to brush his teeth, and he can hear the music from "The Doors" coming from downstairs.

He goes downstairs and sees two strangers in his living room, listening to the music and talking to each other - obviously drunk or stoned. One of them looks like the 21 year old bastard child of Bob Marley and Zack De La Rocha. The other looks like, well, some indian kid. Both look at Seth with a look of confusion.

Seth, standing at the base of the stairs with a toothbrush in his mouth, doesn't say a word, just makes a motion to the TV and the international signal of "turn the god damn music down" of the cupped, rotating hand. He doesn't really worry that Marissa is not there, but assumes that these are her friends.

"Did we wake you? Oh, were, sorry."

Seth mutters "No problem" and goes back up stairs.

15 minutes pass. Suddenly music is blasting...

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldn't get much higher
Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire

Seth was lying in bed, trying to sleep in his boxers. He jumps up, and puts on his shirt, jeans and shoes. Its well known that noise and Seth do not get along very well.

The HC would have to be on HBO for this next part...

Seth runs down the stairs, and walks up to the DVD player, not even saying a word to "Harold & Kumar", and hits "STOP". He looks around and doesn't see Marissa anywhere.

Seth rips into them, "Where the fuck is Marissa and who the fuck are you two? The party is fucking over and I want you two out of my fucking house."

Yes, Seth has changed over the years. He gave them one warning. Now he wasn't happy about this.

Pot-dealer looking guy says "Marissa is in her room, we know her from school."

Seth is curious now. He knew Marissa was going out that night with a co-worker, but these guys were not her co-workers. He also knows that Marissa has a certain problem when it comes to judgement and drinking. Warning bells go off.

Seth moves towards her room and the two guys spring up and say, "Oh, she isn't alone."

Seth stops, "Who is fucking with her?"

"A friend", they say.

Seth wishes he had a shotgun. He can just feel the rage starting to make his vision blurry.

"MARISSA!", Seth called to her.

The pot-guy "Hey man, they are busy in there."

Seth venomously replied, "I don't care what the fuck they are doing in there. MARISSA!"

A non-chalant reply from Marissa of, "Yea?" came from behind Marissa's door, which was located on the same floor as the living room. Only about 20 feet from it. So she was in a room, with some guy, while his two buddies were sitting in a living room listening to the doors at 12:30am on a Thursday morning.

Seth said, "Can I speak to you?"

Marissa replied, "Um, Ok."

In about 30 seconds Marissa walked out of her room, her eyes, like the two in the living room, were also a bit bleary from too much drink.

Seth, still seething, says, "Who are these guys? I want them out of here, now. Its a bit late for a party." Seth, getting a bit overprotective says, "Who do you have in your room?"

Marissa sheepishly replies, "DJ."

Ah, DJ. The boyhood friend that Marissa has been seeing for about 4 weeks. He is a typical young man, he doesn't call very often and makes plans at the last minute with Marissa. It was obvious to Seth that DJ liked Marissa, but just not enough to treat her with the same amount of respect that a guy who "Really Liked" a girl should. Heck, Marissa met a new guy only a few days prior and had a date lined up for him on Thursday night - telling Seth for the last 3 days how great the new guy was - and how poorly DJ treated her.

Seth gave Marissa the advice to avoid DJ and date the new guy. She took his advice, since DJ was playing his last minute games again for Wednesday night - she blew him off and went out with a co-worker.

That lasted until about 6 Captain and Cokes, Seth guessed.

Somehow, Marissa and DJ - the same guy she was trying to avoid that night - not only ended up together, but ended up back in her room! With two of his pals, waiting outside in a living room for him. The moral of the story: Treat a girl badly, it doesn't matter. Wait for her to get drunk or lonely, and then you can go back to her apartment and into her bedroom.

"Oh, that is real smart.", Seth said sarcastically to Marissa. He turns on his heel and goes up stairs shaking his head in disappointment.

Seth hears the chatter from up in his room, and eventually gets to sleep about an hour later at 1:30am. Wondering for the next hour why people, even when given good advice, just don't get it.

Next day, Seth & Ryan get an apologetic email from Marissa. Plus a cryptic note that she is free Thursday night - looks like the date has been postponed.

On the next HC...

Ryan is moving out to his parents house because of his father's illness, while Seth and Marissa have to meet new roommates. Seth is torn between remaining at his current place, and dealing with roommate saga; Renting a new 1 bedroom apartment; or doing his long, sad search to buy his own apartment in an unforgiving housing market.

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