The Saved Pictures

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Here are a few of my favorite pictures that I was able to save...enjoy...

2003pic 071.jpg
A 2003 picture before my first and last game at Lincoln Financial Field versus the Patriots.

My father and I, before he was diagnosed with cancer at an Eagles game at Veterans Stadium around 2000.

My sisters and I at my brother's wedding in 2002.

Mom and Dad at the wedding, dancing. Only a short time later Dad was onstage singing "Sweet Caroline" with the band.

fall 089.jpg
Pimpin' aint easy - Hoboken Haloween 2003 at Dipper's.

Dad, Mom and I at my brother's and sister-in-laws home during a memorable 2003 Thanksgiving.

That is just a small sampling of the 500 jpgs that the wizard was able to recover last night.

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