5-1-05 Hoboken Arts and Music Festival Pictures

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It was a beautiful day on Sunday and here are some pictures from the festival. I was out with friends.


04-05 072a.JPG
A picture of me at the festival, wearing my shirt I got from my visit at Temecula. Yes, i'm growing my hair out if you haven't noticed.

04-05 082a.JPG
A sample of the art at the festival.

04-05 094a.JPG
I ran into another friend, Lindsay (on right) and her friend at the festival. Pay attention girls - the cool new look this season are the Jackie Onassis super sized sunglasses. Lindsay works in real estate and I once again reminded Linsday that this market is overheated and can't continue. She says that i'm wrong and it will keep skyrocketing. One of us is going to be right.

04-05 097a.JPG
John S. - owner of the Farside bar & co-owner of Trinity bar with his normal cheery demeanor. John told me he is redesigning the bar to change it from an irish-style pub to more of an American bar. Step one was painting the entire outside black. I'm not sure what other changes he has planned. Farside Lounge, maybe?

04-05 060.jpg
"Hoboken Eddie" had his stand set up to sell his local sauces. A great guy, I was one of his best customers when he had his tiny kitchen open below Sullivan's Bar on 6th and Washington. I miss that place.

04-05 064.jpg
Michelle with her new beau (i'm sorry Michelle - I suck with names!!!!), who I ran into along the street. Sadly, she is leaving Hoboken soon for Clifton - I will expect to see her on www.njguido.com from their pictures of Joey's.

04-05 083a.JPG
More art.

04-05 093a.JPG
One of many food vendors at the festival. This one was selling crepes and it was delicious. Too bad this guy was taking the French angle too far - he was very cold when I asked him some questions, and he gets the "Crepe Nazi" name now.

04-05 095a.JPG
My cousin Dominique, who briefly moved into town before she leaves this fall for Harvard. We are all very proud of her, she put herself through NYU for her bachelors and masters degrees and bartends at SoHo House in the city. Nothing was ever given to her - she earned everything on her own and I think that is amazing.

04-05 098a.JPG
Heather, Craig and Stephanie enjoying a cold drink outside Dipper's bar. Everyone remember Heather from the billboard?

04-05 101a.JPG
Craig & Jay - are basically the Cliff & Norm of Dipper's bar. If you don't know them, you probably aren't a regular at Dipper's.

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