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I saw a new doctor today, for a second opinion. Lisa's father and uncle both had surgery with him and he was highly recommended.

He took one look at my MRI results and was much more definititive about surgery saying that given my age and the type of fracture that it should be operated on.

I then suggested if he could do the surgery - since I was unfamiliar with the other doctors and he was known to be very good. He had no problem with this and we are scheduling surgery for Thursday.

They are basically going to fix the "dent" that was formed when my fibia hit my tibia. He told me "imagine if you have a smooth mohogany tabletop and someone hit a hammer to it - creating a dent in the surface". That is what my fibia did to my tibia when I landed on my leg.

My leg feels tremendously better than it did last week. It is still sore, like the day after a workout, but I can get around without my crutches. My new doctor was incredulous when I walked into his office without crutches - saying that I can't put ANY weight on my leg for 6 weeks.

It's back to crutches for me. I was feeling a lot better and walking with a limp - but it was nice to be free of the crutches. Oh well.

I'm thinking that i'm ok enough to go back to work for Tuesday and Wednesday. I will be out for Thursday and Friday. I'm not looking forward to going back to work - this was a nice break from the office.

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