Everyone is out to trick me

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Now that i'm a temporary cripple I decided to take a break from my "diet".

My diet was basically eating right coupled with bad food in moderation. I stopped drinking soda all day and switched to water. I ate about 5 "meals" a day. Each "meal" was about 400-600 calories. This has been going on for a year, and its good and its bad.

The good is that I felt a lot better, I got more out of my workouts and my caffiene intake plummetted - so I slept better.

The bad is that it turned me into a man with an eating disorder.

Like I said - I ate bad food "in moderation" but would feel guilty when I wolfed down 12 oreo cookies or went and got a Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I was constantly reading the nutrition labels of foods, checking for saturated fats.

Also who the hell makes these nutrition labels? I'm eating Grandma's Vanilla Mini Cookies package - hey only 150 calories and 60 calories from fat...

Wait a moment...that is per serving (9 mini cookies)!

Servings per container...About 2.

Who just eats 9 mini-cookies and then closes the bag saying, "Woo! I'm stuffed!" Everyone eats the entire bag! This pisses me off.

I was drinking a iced tea last night which was 16 ounces - servings per container? 2.5!

They expect us to drink 6.4 ounces of that bottle, close it and feel refreshed?

This is exactly what is wrong with the world. You bascially have people who are outright tricking the public. We have a government in place that obviously isn't doing ANYTHING to fix this. Why? Well i'm sure that the food manufacturers don't want the REAL stats right in your face on their packages. These cookies i'm eating are 300 calories - so its HALF of my "meal" (my other half is water and a tuna sandwich on whole wheat).

It seems like everything in this world is about tricking people. You watch a car commerical and its "HEY GET THIS BMW FOR $399 a month!" and then at the end of the commerical they put in blurred small print "with 3500 down and taxes, titles, surcharges, your first child extra..."

Every commerical out there tries to trick people. I used to play a game where at the end of every commerical I would translate them.

"Buy a Volkswagon Touraeg - get ex-girlfriend on the side of the road to notice you = YOU WILL GET LAID IF YOU BUY A VW!"

"Take a certain non-specified drug, throw a football through a tire hanging from a tree, get a hug from a older woman = YOU WILL GET LAID BY OLDER WOMEN IF YOU TAKE THIS DRUG!"

"Buy a case of beer, invite the TWINS...this is too easy."

How about ads for families? Two key words: Babies and Children.

How about that ad for the car commerical that has the adorable kids saying "Hi Mom and Dad can we get anti lock breaks...PLLLLEEEAASSSE!" - with the blonde haired girl in pony tails ripping out your heart strings because you were too much of a selfish bastard father to not get anti lock breaks to save her from becoming a cripple if you only got those anti lock breaks you bastard i hate you i ha...

Sorry. Those are some powerful commericals.

Women's commericals are much trickier. While Men's commericals can basically be summed up into "this will get you laid" or "fart jokes" - the young women advertising (i.e. most girls in Hoboken) is very hard. Two women on a sailboat talking about "that unfresh feeling" doesn't cut it in today's world.

I'm going to do some research here in my free time (read: recovery from surgery) to see how they target the ladies.

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