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I'm getting a lot of emails, which is super nice of everyone, and here are a lot of questions which are popping up...

Q: Are you nervous?
A: Not really. I kind of resigned myself to the situation and i'm just looking forward to getting it over with and moving on.

Q: When & where is the surgery?
A: 7:30am, Thursday, at Lennox Hill Hospital.

Q: How are you getting to work?
A: My company provides me a towncar to and from work, which is very nice.

Q: How's the leg?
A: Its sore like the day after a workout. I expect to be in pain this weekend and that is the only thing i'm not looking forward to.

Q: How are the crutches?
A: They suck. Its amazing how difficult it is to get around on crutches, when you can't put any weight on your foot. I went to vote yesterday on my crutches and I was sweating after going 2 blocks.

Q: How long are you in rehab for?
A: 6 weeks non-load bearing and 6 weeks with a brace. I should be mostly mobile by the end of June and I hope to be 100% by end of July.

Q: Do you need anything? Can I do anything?
A: Everyone have been great - and i'm mostly ok. Aside from my laundry piling up.

Q: How did this happen again?
A: Read it all here.

Q: Is the BBQ cancelled?
A: Yes, we won't be having the BBQ next week. I plan on a mid-summer one instead.

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