My Blog Is Depressing

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"Your blog is so depressing, are you going to commit suicide?", asked a friend of mine on Sunday night.

She said this jokingly - and pressed further.

"I mean everything is so 'down' in your life, i'm worried about you! Aren't you worried about him?", she asked her husband.

I went on to explain that my leg is broken and i'm a recent recipent of the "I Don't Think I Could Love You Award" from Lisa. I assured her that I have no intention of killing myself, and that if she were to read more of my blog she can see that everything isn't that terrible in my life.

Well, maybe that isn't 100% true. I have a new problem in my life.

Its a bird. She (He?) is outback of my apartment, and s/he likes to sing. S/He likes to sing at 1am. I'm not kidding. I have a freaking bird outback that begins to happily chirp-chirp-chirp at 1am. I have to do the "Two Pillow Ear Plug Technique (2 PEPT)" first designed by the Scottish Highlanders in 1693 to drown out neophyte bagpipers.

As we all know, it isn't as comfortable to sleep this way because your head gets hot and you have to position the pillow right or you won't get fresh air - and no one likes breathing in your non-fresh pillow breath. I mean its like when you tried to sleep with the comforter over your head as a kid to block out light - fresh air rules!

If anyone around midtown wants to assist here - I will be happy to contribute to the "Kill Night Bird" fund. Or we can be nice and do a "Capture and Relocate Night Bird" too. I won't ask any questions.

That is all of the bad stuff for now. Good news is that i'm going to Vegas in late August. My roommate Jon and his pals were going, so Kristen and I tagged along. We are staying at The Palms.

I have been to Vegas before, and as a special treat, I will write about that first experience, which basically destroyed a friendship.

Oh shit, i'm being depressing again.

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