My Dunkin Donuts Run

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I woke up today and I could bend my leg on my own.

The doctor gave me Diclofenac (Voltaren), and I have been taking it for 24 hours. The swelling is way, way down and I am in zero pain. I have "tenderness" with my leg like its sore from running. I can bend it about 65% of the way and I can put weight on it.

I decided to test my limits.

This could have been a very bad idea. But, then again, my recent bright ideas have been on par with Jennifer Wilbanks.

(My helpful roommate Kristen and I chillin' on the couch Tuesday night.)

With one crutch I headed out of my apartment alone. My first venture outside of my house alone since I hurt myself. It was a beautiful day outside, and the Dunkin Donuts was 2 blocks away.

It took me a solid 10 minutes to get there. I was doing the "crutch-shuffle left leg-quick right leg thump" walk that may be familiar to all other knee injured people. It really, really takes a lot out of you since i'm also using my upper body strength on the crutch. I was worried that some retirees were going to lap me.

By the time I got from Garden to Washington I took a break on the bench in front of the cleaners next to some old guy who was furiously trying to win a lotto card game. I realized at that point that I was out of money and had to extend my jaunt to the ATM.

I was, at this point, starting to think this was a bad idea. I should probably have done two crutches and was afraid of damaging my leg. On the other hand, I also thought that it might be good to get my leg moving a little bit - I wasn't putting that much weight on it.

Anyhow - I got to the ATM which was a half block away. Got my money and headed over to the Dunkin' Donuts on 7th.

Once I got in the store the employees had a look of "What the hell are you doing" when they saw me. I told them a quick tale of woe (I hobbled TWO blocks just to get coffee!) and they were very nice to the crippled yuppie.

I got some OJ, coffee and munchkins and worked my way back home.

Exciting, stuff - right?

My MRI is scheduled for tomorrow in Hoboken at 10am. I spoke to one of the people from the doctor's office and asked if everything was in order (it was). I also mentioned that I could bend my leg on my own and put weight on it - asking if that was a good sign.

She said it was a very good sign.

Of course I won't know until tomorrow (or later until the doctor sees the film) - how much damage was done. Of course i'm hoping that I won't need surgery. But if I do - then I deal with it.

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