Roberts vs Marsh

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The final tallys are in and this election will go to a runoff of Roberts vs Marsh. Roberts grabbed 3,803 votes, Marsh garnered 2,976 and Raia had 2,004 votes. For my first election I chose someone who I felt was the best for Hoboken, now I have to re-think about the next two candidates.

Roberts, as a person, is very charismatic - much like any good politician should be. He is pro-development, but I don't like the fact that it seems like an "old-boys" network with him - he has a lot of people with deep pockets throwing money at him. That says, to me, that they have a vested interest in him being in office.

Marsh, I don't know extremely well, but I do like her idea of "Smart Growth" - more public parks, affordable housing and commerical districts. I like "End tax abatements for luxury housing" - it makes no sense to give away waterfront property. They insist on fairness - stop city officials from "playing favorites" and harassing critics.

I'm not sure which person i'd vote for right now. I'm leaning towards Marsh - only because I think their adjenda is more about helping Hoboken than helping themselves. There are some issues that I don't like about Marsh, but I guess I can overlook that.

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