Successful Surgery

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Hi everyone, here is the latest update on: Furey vs his leg.

The surgery was a success. The doctor elevated the depression and made it flush with the top of the tibia. I was kind of fortunate, he didn't have to drill under my tibia and tap upwards - he was able to drill one hole, leverage the depression and push upwards to get the depression flush with the bone. Also we didn't need to get a bone graph done, either. He placed one screw in my leg to keep the fracture in place and my leg is in a enormous brace (much larger than the St. Mary's foam one) with a lot of gauze padding.

My leg is, one again, very sore and now its coupled with the stinging pain of the stitches. This is, as my second mother "Mrs P." (Brad and Matt's mother) told me, "You may have some short term pain but long term you'll be much better off."

I agreed with her logic and thanks to the wonderful world of painkillers I feel very mellow and my leg is mostly ok.

My only downer, once again, is that i'm basically immobile for the next 3-4 days. So I went online and tried out Shop Rite's online delivery.

The website is amazing, and much like - just plug in what you want, the quantity, and it keeps a shopping cart of your items. I ordered about $85 worth of food to keep me ok for the weekend, and the delivery charge is $15.

I called the store, because I ordered around 6pm and gave them my sob story about surgery on my leg and how I couldn't get out of my house. The girls there were super nice and said they would get the order out for me today by 8pm! I will have to remember to call their manager tomorrow and thank them for going the extra mile for me.

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