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Ok quick update.

MRI is done - looks like I may have a compound fracture of my tibia??

St. Mary's did x-rays on Sunday which were negative and now the MRI shows my compound fracture. Fucking God damn morons!!!

I'm now driving myself into the city (my right leg is fine to drive) and going to see the orthopedic doctor so they can do x-rays on my leg to see about the fracture. They don't think I will need a cast.

Also - interesting side thought that this seems much like Terrell Owens fracture that he got - where the ligaments, rather than tearing - pulled the bone and created a stress (compound) fracture.

Someone get me a hyperbaric chamber quick!


Ugh compound fracture. Sorry to hear it. Those are pretty serious and there is a high risk of infection if external dirt enters into the interior of the body. The bone penetrates through the internal soft and breaks through the skin. I can't imagine how painful that must have been. With it being exposed for so many days now just watch for infection.

The break is internal, and dirt from outside didn't get inside (I didn't cut myself in the fall). I thought you blew out both your knees?

No I blew out the one knee - had reconstructive and one or two pins. Who knows - I can't remember anymore. That was back in the old days. It's so much better now. The other knee is damaged and I need surgery but I feel it is elective. Perhaps someday - it doesn't bother me often enough to give up that kind of time.

I've seen quite a bit of compound fractures - thank goodness never to me. They're TERRIBLE! And GROSS! I remember my friend's bone sticking right out of his shin and my friend Ker's arm bone sticking right out of her skin. It was AWFUL! SHE got an infection and it was quite the nasty mess. I'm glad to hear you're not at risk.

You are correct, they said it was a "compound" fracture, yet it didn't break the surface of my skin. My only guess is that its an internal compound kind of break...its a depression of sorts...

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