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Mets vs Phils


My jinx is alive and well, I went to the Mets game last night and the Phillies lose. IMG_0066a.JPG
In case you didn't read my old jinx post:

The Kiss of Death

At least i'm not the jinx of jinxes.

I have some pictures that I will post later from the game. We had very sweet seats thanks to a co-worker with season tickets. Section 216!

Quirks About Hoboken


Living here for the last 9 years, there are a few quirks about Hoboken, that the regular newcomer may not know about. These are just a few of my random thoughts on the subject, and what applies to me, may not apply to you and should be read if you have a fucking sense of humor. Please, really, save the angry emails. ;)

1. Born and Raised Hobokenites (known as BnR's) hate all newcomers.

2. BnR's have an hierarchy based on how long your family has lived in Hoboken. The longer your family has lived in Hoboken, the more valid your "rights" are in town. Even snotty teenage BnR's who haven't been on this earth as long as YOU have lived in town get this attitude.

3. Everyone in Hoboken gossips. They gossip in every small town in America, just get used to it.

4. If you are single, you have two choices: a) Go out in New York to meet people or b) Make a pub your "local" (a regular pub you visit at least once a week and tip the bartenders well so they take care of you) to make friends and network.

5. If are a girl, you must have a cell phone. You must blab constantly on the cell phone in a very loud voice outdoors. Even if you don't have friends, just talk to yourself with your cell phone in your ear.

6. Every guy needs to get the "Jeans and Button Down Shirt" uniform, otherwise known as The Man Suit. Its the only look that you can wear when visiting Trinity, Lua or Madison's.

7. If you are a guy and are in a gym, you can only work out your upper body because women like that "thin chicken leg with a ripped upper body" look.

8. Realize that all your neighbors will be bastards. They will be very loud when they are closing doors, walking up stairs or playing bocce ball on their hardwood floors at 3am on a Wednesday morning. No matter how nicely you ask them to be quiet, they won't listen to you and its your fault that you didn't rent the top floor apartment, not theirs.

9. Are you a dog lover? Conformity rules in Hoboken, make sure you get the same dog everyone else has: The Pug - for single women, gay men or women in a relationship who have their poor boyfriends walk them. The Labrador - for the yuppies with one baby. The Jack Russell Terrier - For guys who get dogs to meet women and give them to the shelter after they realize that JRT's are neurotic like them. Anyone who doesn't own those 3 dogs owns a hound that is very expensive to make up for it.

10. You will live 15 minutes from New York, most Hobokenites haven't visited the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty or any of the amazing museums. Almost everyone has been to Jake's Dilemma, however.

11. When in New York City and you negotiate a yellow cab ride back to Hoboken the cost is $35. Just agree to $35 before the ride starts and if he gives you grief, don't give in and pay more - you will fuck it up for the rest of us. If you are hot girl, you can get a lower price than us guys.

12. If you like any sports team that isn't from New York City, you are fucked. Sports reporters here suck ass and only talk as if the New York teams are the only teams that exist on the planet. Hey fuck it if the Philadelphia Eagles are ruling the season in December - lets talk about Derek Jeter and the Yanks! Oh, but the reporters here are happy to talk about your team when there is controversy.

13. Hoboken and NYC is the bandwagon capital of the universe. See anyone wearing a Knicks jersey? Nope. Wait until they start playing good and everyone crawls out of the woodwork with a new jersey.

14. Fashion in Hoboken is a joke, every girl wears the same "must have" fashion accessory of the moment. Right now its the Jackie O big ass ugly sunglass look or the "fruity-galoshes-that-I-would-have-worn-in-3rd-grade" look (when it rains).

15. Remember its not about saving money, its about making people believe you have money in Hoboken. Lease a BMW. Rent an expensive apartment. Buy designer clothing on your mommy and daddy's credit card or max out your own. A savings account? What's that?!

16. Any girl that tells you she is a grade-school teacher or works in Human Resources you can immediately translate into: "I'm waiting to meet a husband and be a stay at home mom".

17. Any guy who works "On the Street" or wears a suit out to Madison's on Tuesday nights (seriously guys - you can go home and change) will cheat on you at the drop of a hat.

18. Diet and exercise? Hah! It's cocaine, ephedrine or steroids in Hoboken!

19. If you own a home in town, you don't want more construction, because it will depreciate the price of your poorly constructed overpriced condo or brownstone. If you don't own a home in town, get used to the fact that everything is overpriced and poorly constructed.

20. You will make many friends in Hoboken until they meet a special other and then they disappear.

21. Most single Hobokenites get a shore house during the summers, unless they despise what they look like in a bathing suit or their parents own a place near the beach.

22. Bartenders really don't like you. They act like they like you. They really just want to make you think they like you to get you to visit their bar and tip them. As soon as you stop tipping them, they will stop liking you.

23. Hot single girls don't stay single for very long. When a new girl starts hanging out at your local - its like throwing chum into a shark tank - you better be the first guy to ask her out lest some loser gets to her first.

24. Hot single guys are always single. At least when their girlfriends aren't around.

25. Vito's Deli is a great deli - the hero specials they have up each weekend are delicious. They really need to make the London Broil with Mutz a regular sandwich, and not a special.

26. Politics is a big, big part of Hoboken. Before moving here I couldn't tell you who was mayor of my hometown, let alone any council people. Like I said before, its a small town so everyone talks about what the city government is doing with their money.

27. Sinatra was born here, but if you ask anyone where - no one really knows.

28. Girls like to dance in nice bars. This is why Madison's is popular and Dipper's isn't. It takes a special breed of women who enjoy pubs, and usually they are the most interesting ones to talk to.

29. Self worth is important to many Hobokenites. Some people define it with money (cars, clothes) or relationships (it doesn't matter who you are dating, as long as if you are dating) or school (Ivy League!) or status (summer in the Hamptons, dinners at Tao, drinks at SoHo House).

30. Two types of yuppies live in Hoboken: People who love Hoboken and people who can't afford NYC.

31. Going out in Hoboken isn't about meeting people. You get a circle of friends on the rooftop of City Bistro, only talk to them and look at everyone else there and don't talk to them.

32. In Hoboken every holiday has some event to get drunk.

33. BnR's hate yuppies, but are more than happy to make money off them.

34. It still boggles my mind that a J. Crew, Gap or Banana Republic haven't opened a store in Hoboken. It also boggles my mind that a Taco Bell hasn't opened here either.

36. Do not buy candy from the kids on Washington street, you aren't helping anyone. Every candy you buy means that more kids will invade the streets to bug us while we are trying to walk home.

37. Traffic lights are for cars AND pedestrians. Before you cross any street on Washington, look at the god damn light, you idiots.

38. Anyone caught by the police uriniating in public should have their face rubbed in it, like a dog, along with the fine. This also includes people who walk their dogs and don't clean up the dog crap on the sidewalks.

39. People enter the PATH train on the opposite side of the tracks, so they can get a seat first. Just realize that there are a lot of selfish people in Hoboken.

40. If you are single and under 35 and your weekend is about staying indoors and not going out to socialize - move to Jersey City or Weehawkin, please.

Legwatch: I'm back, sort of.

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It kind of feels good to be back. This weekend I was walking around and got to do a bunch of things that I never was able to do in about 2 months. I went to Kabloom and bought 4 new house plants (a Prayer, a Pathos and two money trees) - the last one died because I didn't water it enough.

I went out and bought Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Battlefield 2 (Thanks for the tip, FAP).

I went to Qdoba Saturday and Sunday for lunch. Had Ben & Jerry's (Phish Food and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough sundae) ice cream Saturday and a Cherry Water Ice on Sunday.

I'm not 100%, but i'm basically walking - but i'm much more slow and measured with my pace. This morning I was able to walk to work. I took the bus from 6th to the PATH. The PATH to 33rd. The N&R train to midtown.

Before the injury I was a very fast walker. I'm also much taller than most of the people taking mass transit - so i'm much like a bull in a china shop - most people just get out of my way because they see a very large, fast moving man barrelling his way towards them.

Post-injury, it's very much different.

I'm sort of in a quasi-defensive mode of walking trying to protect my knee. I used to skip up and down stairs two at a time. Now I carefully walk up the staircase, with the handrail close by. A guy who was behind me, shot past me and gave me a sidelong dirty look and shook his head as if to say "Move faster!"

It's very, very strange to be slow like this. I don't like it at all.

Each day walking my leg gets stronger, I can feel it getting more strength in my step so I know it's only a matter of time before i'm back to a true normal level.

I'm just not enjoying this. I feel much weaker and defensive, like i'm 73, not 33.

Today is my first visit back to Club H. It has been 2 months since I touched a weight. In some ways I look forward to getting back to my routine. In other ways, i'm afraid to find out how weak I am from not lifting.

I made an appointment with a physical therapist in NYC on July 7th (it was the first appointment) - I will go there during my lunch breaks. In the meantime I will hit the gym and do the stationary bicycle like my doctor told me to start.

Baby Hippo Bonds With Tortoise

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My sister sent me this...

NAIROBI (AFP) - A baby hippopotamus that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast has formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise, in an animal facility in the port city of Mombassa, officials said.

The hippopotamus, nicknamed Owen and weighing about 300 kilograms (650 pounds), was swept down Sabaki River into the Indian Ocean, then forced back to shore when tsunami waves struck the Kenyan coast on December 26, before wildlife rangers rescued him.

"It is incredible. A-less-than-a-year-old hippo has adopted a male tortoise, about a century old, and the tortoise seems to be very happy with being a 'mother'," ecologist Paula Kahumbu, who is in charge of Lafarge Park, told AFP. 062505.jpg

"After it was swept and lost its mother, the hippo was traumatized. It had to look for something to be a surrogate mother. Fortunately, it landed on the tortoise and established a strong bond. They swim, eat and sleep together," the ecologist added.

"The hippo follows the tortoise exactly the way it follows its mother. If somebody approaches the tortoise, the hippo becomes aggressive, as if protecting its biological mother," Kahumbu added.

"The hippo is a young baby, he was left at a very tender age and by nature, hippos are social animals that like to stay with their mothers for four years," he explained.


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Yesterday, a thief broke into our apartment.

The thief took my roommate's laptop and a few hundred dollars in coins & a watch from another roommate's room. It appears that the person was very quick, and didn't stay very long in our home.

I was extremely lucky, it appears the intruder didn't go into my room. This was Jon's first day off for summer, since he is a school teacher. He called me at work around 2:30 and I took a car home. Upon arrival the police entered my room, noticing my clothes strewn around, DVDs scattered on the ground and the my opened drawers and said, "Looks like the thief ransacked your room!"062205.jpg

"No, it's the same crappy way I left it.", I gamely replied.

My housekeeping skills for my room haven't been quite up-to-snuff since my leg injury. I wasn't expecting a ROBBBER. Next time a bandit wants to come over, maybe they can call ahead of time and I will tidy up the place.

I feel very bad for both my roommates - both didn't have renter's insurance. So unless the thief is found, they are out of luck. Of course we are very angry that someone broke in.

Our backyard is fenced in. The only way to our backyard is thru a large steel gate, which has a fence above the gate - about 15 feet high. The thief (we surmise) scaled the gate and the fence and got into our backyard somehow. They then took a brick and smashed in the glass window on our backyard door. I'm talking to our landlord now to replace the entire door with something more secure or put bars over the windows.

They also broke in around 11am to 1pm in the afternoon. Not only were they very brazen with just smashing a window - they did it in broad daylight!

We spoke to our neighbors - and found out one had a break in last November! They walked in on someone who broke in to their house and he ran away!

A few tips for everyone out there:

1) Write down the serial numbers of all electronic devices you own. If someone takes your IPOD or laptop this will make a huge difference to the police when they try to recover it.

2) Get renter's insurance. Its only a few dollars a month and the day you need it, it will be huge.

3) A security system is expensive, but even a simple device which sets off an alarm when you open your door will spook thieves into thinking they set off a real alarm. You can go to Radio Shack and get these devices for $10, from what the police told me.

A special thanks to the Police Department of Hoboken. They were curteous, quick and very professional in their investigation yesterday. They were able to get some fingerprints off some of the items touched in our home and we hope that they were the prints of the intruder. I know they have some key information about the money taken - the money was kept in a very large and bulky container and may help to identify the thief in the investigation.

After everything that happened last night we opened up a bottle of South African Cabernet/Merlot and I cooked dinner for my roommates (I made Penne with Sausage and Ricotta Cheese). We all agreed that it could have been worse - and laughed a bit about it.

I joked about trying to stage a benefit event for them. Go to Rogo's and charge everyone $20 for a bar tournament of drinking games (like flip cup and beer pong). Maybe we will combine that in a few weeks along with the upcoming BBQ that I had to postpone for my leg injury. I just need to come up with a catchy name for the benefit event.

Batman Begins

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Jeff Albertson, the "Comic Book Guy" from the "Simpsons" would say three words about this movie: Best. Movie. Ever.

I can't tell you enough about this movie, 062005.jpgbut I will try my best. This was, without a doubt, one of the most complete sci-fi/fantasy movies I have watched in years. Was it perfect? No, it has some flaws. But I think the good far, far outweighs the bad here and I will try to convince you why you should see this movie now, in the theaters.

First lets start off with the actors: Gary Oldman as Gordon; Michael Caine as Alfred, Morgan Freeman as Lucius; Liam Neeson as Ducard; Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman; Katie Holmes as Rachel. Plus, even Rutger Hauer, who is the Kevin Bacon of sci-fi movies, was in Batman Begins.

The actors make this movie. There is such poise, professionalism and potency on the screen that I was enthralled watching every scene. Michael Caine was brilliant, as a kind, compassionate and witty Alfred. The one-liners Alfred threw out there were hilarious.

Gary Oldman, who I first became enamored by watching The Professional, was outstanding as Jim Gordon. Before walking to the theater, I didn't even know he was in the movie.062005a.jpg His first scene, comforting a young Bruce Wayne, my jaw hit the floor and rolled under the seats in front of me. Also, I loved to see him in a "good" role instead of playing the bad guy.

Liam Neeson as the mysterious Ducard, representing The League of Shadows, a group of omnipresent vigilantes - who disregard the laws of society and bring forth their own justice in a corrupt world. His scenes with Bale were very good, but I won't over gush about him. I think he was solid, but not spectacular like...

Morgan Freeman! Oh, Morgan - we learned to count together on Sesame Street and now we learn how to kick some ass in Batman. I have come full circle. Morgan rules as Lucius Fox a sly and wise old guard who becomes Bruce Wayne's good friend once he returns to Gotham. He could do a herpes vaccine commercial and make it look like Hamlet. He has a brief on-screen mix with Bale and Caine that I just loved to watch them together. They are so smooth and effortless when sharing dialogue.

Christian Bale as Batman, The Dark Knight, was a great pick. After watching him play Bruce Wayne on screen, you laugh at the thought of Michael Keaton as Batman. Bale brings forth the anger and torment that rules the mind of Bruce Wayne unlike any of his predecessors. He plays a hero that is a man first, not a super man.062005f.jpg

Which brings me to one facet that makes this a "complete" movie in my mind.

Legwatch: Week 4

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Thanks for all the feedback on the entries. I always like to hear what people think about my writing, and even the statistics show that when I write - a lot of people read. Both my stories this week didn't eclipse the leg breaking story or the breakup story - but they came very close.

My leg feels tremendously better this week. Unlike last week, its no longer sore. Its still a little stiff, and I can walk on it. I shouldn't be walking on it, but at home I do. Next Wednesday is the "date" when I can offically lose the crutches. I'm very excited to get the green light to walk again and I have to start rehab soon after. I want to get back to the gym, I haven't worked out for 6 weeks and my diet was put on hold for the duration of my injury (I needed my comfort food).

Its back to protein, water and watching my sugar/caffiene intake in a few weeks. So I better have a last hurrah this weekend.

Last Saturday night Jon and I went to Dipper's and Farside without my crutches (my doctor would have flipped out if he knew this). I got to see my old friends Joe, Stephanie and Charlie who just happen to be out that night.

I should be out Saturday again making my rounds. I'm going to bring out my new camera and take some action shots. If anyone wants to meet up, let me know.

Also I think I have a northern mockingbird living in my backyard. It begins to sing at 2am every night until 4am. It is very loud and sings and chirps. This is the first year, out of my 5 years living at my apartment that this has happened. I call him "Sir Chirp A Lot" and he wakes me up every night. My only method to drown his calls out is to turn on my computer and let the white noise of the fan drown his calls out.

The Fellowship of the Bling

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"What happens in Vegas..." - blow me. I changed everyone's names here to protect the not so innocent and only a few of my closer friends reading this blog know who i'm talking about. Its kind of an important story because this event was an enormous change for me.

"You HAVE to come to Vegas!", purred Kim, "It's my 30th birthday this October!"061605.jpg

Kim was a best-friend-forever (BFF). I met her a year and a half ago at the Black Bear, the day after the Hoboken St. Patricks Day Parade.

As soon as I saw her, I wanted to date her. But, a friend of hers started to chat me up at the bar. Eventually I got to know both of them and got to know Kim's dynamic, spirited personality. She was cool and fun. She said to me that day, "You are my new best friend."

It was true. We were like peanut butter and jelly for the next year and a half. At first, I was hoping it would be like an 80's John Cusack movie: guy-who-has-a-crush-on-the-hot girl-eventually-gets-the-hot-girl-after-she-gets-to-know-him-better-as-a-friend.

Unfortunately for me, she really did want to be friends. Over time, my crush dimmed and I eventually just enjoyed her friendship. It was a casual thing, like many friendships are in Hoboken. The majority of our time was spent in a bar or party getting drunk together. We would call and chat on the phone a bit. When I bartended she would visit me sometimes and when she bartended I would help her open the bar.

Before Vegas, everything was fine. After Vegas, everything changed.

The Swarm

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I wrote this entry on April 28th. At the end of the story I have two interesting side notes about this. I hope you read it with an open mind, and also realize that a lot of what I write is lost because this did happen a long time ago. I will say that everything in this story happened as best as I remember. -Furey

This is my 100th entry. I figure I should make it something special. Maybe a story that you heard before and maybe one you haven't about me - it was my first supernatural experience.

Yep. I had a very strange event happen to me, and I haven't really told the tale to too many people before now. I'll just preface this that what i'm about to tell you is 99% the truth (the 1% missing from the degree of errors I may have made) and you can interpret what happened on your own.

It was another summer in Ocean City, NJ during 1987. I was 15 and about to begin my sophomore year in LaSalle College High School. Every summer my parents made sure that all their kids worked a job, they wanted to install a strong work ethic in us at an early age. There was never a summer since I was 11 that I didn't work a summer job.

This year I was working as an ice cream guy. During those years, the ice cream guys would ride a modified bicycle (one wheel in front and two in back) with a large metal cooler on the front of the bicycle between the front wheel and the handlebars - filled with dry ice and frozen ice cream. There was a seperate, smaller plastic cooler on top of the metal cooler for sodas and iced tea. It was a very large and unwieldly bicycle and very difficult to pedal because of the weight. It was an ok job. I got to meet girls off the beach and got a great tan at the same time.

Each ice cream seller was given a zone of streets they could work. Since I was new, I was given the absolute worst streets in all of Ocean City - 59th street to 56th street. The ice cream shop was located at 34th & West street. I had to pedal that cursed bike 25 blocks during the summer to get to those streets.

The pay sucked for two reasons:

1) We would make a comission on what we sold. I don't remember exactly how much it was - but if you worked the O.C. "good streets" which were 23rd - 40th streets, you could bring down about $150 a day. My average was about $30 a day.

2) I had a low threshold for hunger. My metabolism was running like Freddie Mitchell's mouth after the Super Bowl. I had ICE CREAM and SODA sitting in front of me on a hot summer afternoon when I was a teenager. I ate a lot of my profits.

One day, i'm sitting at 58th street and its a ghost town. It was like the wild west. I was expecting to see a tumbleweed blow across the street. It was hot. I was bored and no one was coming up to me to buy ice cream or a soda. I would listen to the radio and do what I always do - daydream.

I'm getting attacked by the occasional greenhead fly and spraying Avon's magical lotion "Skin So Soft" all over myself to ward them off. It works like magic, but the flies just hover around me waiting for my sweat to dilute the Skin So Soft and they can attack again. So to recap - i'm bored, hot, getting attacked by flies. It was a real treat of a day.

The job of an ice cream seller is to get your cart to the beach. Grab your bell and walk on the beach to the entrance and ring that bell for about a minute. I'm guessing that our bells were laden with a chemical compound that caused children to go into fits and spasms for ice cream cravings within a 100 yard radius. I think my bell needed a recharge of the chemicals, because no one was budging all day.

This sucked. I was making zero money and lugging the damn ice cream cart up to these streets. I knew that i'd have to be working at the shop for 3 more summers until I got to sniff the good streets and I had no interest in putting in my dues like this for 3 years. Plus the owners were assholes and would give the good streets to cute women with no experience or guys like me that put up with their shit long enough that they became good ice cream sellers.

So i'm waiting and humming some songs when around 2pm I heard my inner voice say something to me that I never heard before.

Writer's Block

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I'm stumbling around with my entries right now. I have been busy with work and I have 3 entries in my "future" status.

One entry is about "King Bees and Queen Bees" in Hoboken. How it seems that there is a constant jockeying of social position amongst yuppies in Hoboken. People try different methods to increase their own social standing (throwing parties, making friends with certain people, alienating others with rumors & lies). Cliques are something that you see from grade school to college - its no different in this small town especially around the bar scene.

One entry i'm not sure if its ready for publication on a blog. It's about a strange series of events that happened before and after the death of my grandfather 20 years ago.

The last entry is about me and Dungeons & Dragons. If you haven't realized by now, I can enjoy watching the Philadelphia Eagles as I much as I enjoy the chance to play D&D. 14 years ago I was the nerd in Villanova's computer center playing Castle Wolfenstein - now everyone is playing computer games. 10 years ago I was the minority who was playing Magic: The Gathering and today there are a hundred different stragegy card games out there with a huge fan base. D&D players are still treated like a pariah, even after 26 years of its creation in 1979. When I told a friend, and long-ago D&D player, I was writing about this subject he said: "Don't throw me under the bus." No one wants to be associated with that game. Its like the mark of death to social standing.

Also right now my life is beyond boring, because of my leg. Its just very hard to get out of my house, on crutches, and do anything - its not like I can just take a walk. I'm like a work-release prisoner. I go to work, go home and play on my computer from 7pm-11pm. I go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

I saw the doctor today for a visit. It has been 6 weeks since the accident and 4 weeks since surgery. I have two more weeks that I have to keep weight off my leg. So far everything is progressing smoothly and I will begin PT in 2 weeks.

Smile Like You Mean It....


Dungeons & Dragons

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It first began in the winter of 1980 when my brother's friend Paul introduced us to this new game called "Dungeons and Dragons".

I was 8 years old, and this game was like many childhood imaginary games - a fantasy game. You played a "character" in a medieval fantasy world with knights, evil monsters, fair princesses and powerful wizards.

Anyone can tell you that as a child my imagination was beyond the normal realm of other children. I was one of those kids that would think A LOT and come up with wild thoughts about how the world worked. My mother to this day keeps telling me stories about the questions I would ask about God.

Suffice to say, I was immediately enthralled by this game - which encouraged people to use their imagination to "roleplay". I could play a powerful warrior or mystic wizard or cunning thief or wise cleric. The game was designed for a group of like-minded people to get together as a party of adventurers and one person to play as the "Dungeon Master" (DM) - or narrator of the game.

The objective of the game is simple. You, and your party, are on a quest. The quest is described by the Dungeon Master - it could be anything from destroying a lair of evil monsters to solving a murder mystery to seeking out a buried treasure. The role of the Dungeon Master is to describe the world, the setting and the interaction of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with the Player Characters (PC's - the people playing the game). All of our major actions, like attacking a monsters, opening up traps, avoiding damage, spying on someone are determined with dice rolls.

To me, playing D&D was like being in your own movie or being a part of a book. I got to explore new worlds, meet strange creatures and immerse myself in the role. Imagine instead of reading a Harry Potter book - you were Harry Potter instead. The Dungeon Master would tell you a fanciful tale, and it was up to you to determine what you do as Harry Potter. You can be good or evil Harry Potter.

My brother, who was briefly interested in the game, lost interest in playing once spring 1981 arrived - and all the outdoor sports started to call his name.

I, on the other hand, was bitten with the bug. I was very much interested in playing and did everything I could to keep my brother and his friends to play the game. They did, from time to time, but I couldn't get enough of the game. I had to find new recruits.

Legwatch: Week 3

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No super updates this week on Legwatch.

I'm basically in no pain anymore. My leg is still stiff, and I can only bend it so far until discomfort. I can't sit "indian style" for example, without it hurting from the stiffness.

I can walk on my leg, but I only do that for short shuffles. If I am going to take more than 3 steps I grab my crutches.

This Wednesday, June 8 is my second doctor's appointment. I'm guessing its going to be a quick, "How are you feeling visit", and he will check how my scars have healed.

My arms and wrists are sore from using the crutches. They hurt more than my leg at times. I miss going to the gym.

I'm going a bit stir crazy in my apartment. Last Sunday night I treated myself to dinner at Court Street. I had a shrimp appetizer, filet mignon & lobster dinner, 2 glasses of $13 red wine (One St. Francis Reserve Merlot and I tried another Pinot Nior), Cheesecake with Strawberry sauce, cappuchino and a 20 year old tawny Port wine (I think the port turned, but didn't have the heart to complain to the bartender). It was delicious. I still think Court Street is one of the most underappreciated restaurants in town. David, the Sunday bartender, is very nice and accomodating - the cappuchino was on the house.

Afterwards I went to Dipper's and had a drink to meet up with a friend and her new beau. They seem very happy together. I can tell that my friend really likes him since my average emails from her went from about 50 a day to about 10. Heh. Poor basta...I mean congratulations, buddy!

Two cool deliveries arrived yesterday: Season 1 & 2 of Chappelle's Show and 1 Gig of RAM for my PC. I think I was more excited about the RAM. Why? Because now my PC will run more applications faster and I will have a slight edge versus other players in World of Warcraft.

Some people make themselves feel better buy buying nice clothes, cars, golf clubs, shoes, expensive restaurants - me? I like more electronics to keep me happy.

I called my grandmother today for her birthday. She is 92 years young and doing great.

The Short Story


If you ever had the chance of being in my bedroom...

wink, wink, say no more...

You will notice that I have an fairly decent amount of paperback books. My favorite genre is medieval fiction. Most of the books are swords, sorcery and some kind of typical kingdom story line. Most are very similiar: A young man who doesn't realize how POWERFUL he really is - and someone mentors him and he saves the world from evil.

I enjoy writing, too. I started a short story, and if you like the genre, read on. If you don't - I wouldn't bother clicking the link. I only wrote 3 chapters so far, my main problem with writing is that my interest is very low when I get home from work to sit down and write. I need a good long vacation away from New York and on a island somewhere to get my creative juices flowing.

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