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Yesterday, a thief broke into our apartment.

The thief took my roommate's laptop and a few hundred dollars in coins & a watch from another roommate's room. It appears that the person was very quick, and didn't stay very long in our home.

I was extremely lucky, it appears the intruder didn't go into my room. This was Jon's first day off for summer, since he is a school teacher. He called me at work around 2:30 and I took a car home. Upon arrival the police entered my room, noticing my clothes strewn around, DVDs scattered on the ground and the my opened drawers and said, "Looks like the thief ransacked your room!"062205.jpg

"No, it's the same crappy way I left it.", I gamely replied.

My housekeeping skills for my room haven't been quite up-to-snuff since my leg injury. I wasn't expecting a ROBBBER. Next time a bandit wants to come over, maybe they can call ahead of time and I will tidy up the place.

I feel very bad for both my roommates - both didn't have renter's insurance. So unless the thief is found, they are out of luck. Of course we are very angry that someone broke in.

Our backyard is fenced in. The only way to our backyard is thru a large steel gate, which has a fence above the gate - about 15 feet high. The thief (we surmise) scaled the gate and the fence and got into our backyard somehow. They then took a brick and smashed in the glass window on our backyard door. I'm talking to our landlord now to replace the entire door with something more secure or put bars over the windows.

They also broke in around 11am to 1pm in the afternoon. Not only were they very brazen with just smashing a window - they did it in broad daylight!

We spoke to our neighbors - and found out one had a break in last November! They walked in on someone who broke in to their house and he ran away!

A few tips for everyone out there:

1) Write down the serial numbers of all electronic devices you own. If someone takes your IPOD or laptop this will make a huge difference to the police when they try to recover it.

2) Get renter's insurance. Its only a few dollars a month and the day you need it, it will be huge.

3) A security system is expensive, but even a simple device which sets off an alarm when you open your door will spook thieves into thinking they set off a real alarm. You can go to Radio Shack and get these devices for $10, from what the police told me.

A special thanks to the Police Department of Hoboken. They were curteous, quick and very professional in their investigation yesterday. They were able to get some fingerprints off some of the items touched in our home and we hope that they were the prints of the intruder. I know they have some key information about the money taken - the money was kept in a very large and bulky container and may help to identify the thief in the investigation.

After everything that happened last night we opened up a bottle of South African Cabernet/Merlot and I cooked dinner for my roommates (I made Penne with Sausage and Ricotta Cheese). We all agreed that it could have been worse - and laughed a bit about it.

I joked about trying to stage a benefit event for them. Go to Rogo's and charge everyone $20 for a bar tournament of drinking games (like flip cup and beer pong). Maybe we will combine that in a few weeks along with the upcoming BBQ that I had to postpone for my leg injury. I just need to come up with a catchy name for the benefit event.

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