Legwatch: Week 4

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Thanks for all the feedback on the entries. I always like to hear what people think about my writing, and even the statistics show that when I write - a lot of people read. Both my stories this week didn't eclipse the leg breaking story or the breakup story - but they came very close.

My leg feels tremendously better this week. Unlike last week, its no longer sore. Its still a little stiff, and I can walk on it. I shouldn't be walking on it, but at home I do. Next Wednesday is the "date" when I can offically lose the crutches. I'm very excited to get the green light to walk again and I have to start rehab soon after. I want to get back to the gym, I haven't worked out for 6 weeks and my diet was put on hold for the duration of my injury (I needed my comfort food).

Its back to protein, water and watching my sugar/caffiene intake in a few weeks. So I better have a last hurrah this weekend.

Last Saturday night Jon and I went to Dipper's and Farside without my crutches (my doctor would have flipped out if he knew this). I got to see my old friends Joe, Stephanie and Charlie who just happen to be out that night.

I should be out Saturday again making my rounds. I'm going to bring out my new camera and take some action shots. If anyone wants to meet up, let me know.

Also I think I have a northern mockingbird living in my backyard. It begins to sing at 2am every night until 4am. It is very loud and sings and chirps. This is the first year, out of my 5 years living at my apartment that this has happened. I call him "Sir Chirp A Lot" and he wakes me up every night. My only method to drown his calls out is to turn on my computer and let the white noise of the fan drown his calls out.

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