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I'm stumbling around with my entries right now. I have been busy with work and I have 3 entries in my "future" status.

One entry is about "King Bees and Queen Bees" in Hoboken. How it seems that there is a constant jockeying of social position amongst yuppies in Hoboken. People try different methods to increase their own social standing (throwing parties, making friends with certain people, alienating others with rumors & lies). Cliques are something that you see from grade school to college - its no different in this small town especially around the bar scene.

One entry i'm not sure if its ready for publication on a blog. It's about a strange series of events that happened before and after the death of my grandfather 20 years ago.

The last entry is about me and Dungeons & Dragons. If you haven't realized by now, I can enjoy watching the Philadelphia Eagles as I much as I enjoy the chance to play D&D. 14 years ago I was the nerd in Villanova's computer center playing Castle Wolfenstein - now everyone is playing computer games. 10 years ago I was the minority who was playing Magic: The Gathering and today there are a hundred different stragegy card games out there with a huge fan base. D&D players are still treated like a pariah, even after 26 years of its creation in 1979. When I told a friend, and long-ago D&D player, I was writing about this subject he said: "Don't throw me under the bus." No one wants to be associated with that game. Its like the mark of death to social standing.

Also right now my life is beyond boring, because of my leg. Its just very hard to get out of my house, on crutches, and do anything - its not like I can just take a walk. I'm like a work-release prisoner. I go to work, go home and play on my computer from 7pm-11pm. I go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

I saw the doctor today for a visit. It has been 6 weeks since the accident and 4 weeks since surgery. I have two more weeks that I have to keep weight off my leg. So far everything is progressing smoothly and I will begin PT in 2 weeks.

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